Joe Ranft Tribute

Just found this on the message boards. How I missed it before I don’t know.

member mnmears posted his account of the public memorial for Pixar story genius Joe Ranft.

Another one of the emotional highlights came as the storyboard
artists at Pixar each pinned up a panel dedicated to Joe Ranft. They
each said a sentence or two about their drawing and a few broke into
tears. They recounted Joe Ranft’s ability to find something good in
everyone’s portfolio, the extra 5-minutes he’d give you in the parking
lot at the end of a long day…

I also agree with the sentiments posted that Joe should be granted an NFFC legend award and probably a Disney Legend Award. Think how far a bridge that would build between Disney and Pixar.

Some previous posts on Joe Ranft and his legacy: here, here, and google search.

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