Walt Disney World Live Cam

Now that it’s daylight around here you might want to check out the live internet camera at Walt Disney World. It’s situated on the Swan & Dolphin complex and looks toward Epcot over the Yacht Club resort. If it’s clear enough you should be able to see the giant geodesic ‘Spaceship Earth’ sphere in the background.

3 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Live Cam”

  1. I love checking out that EPCOT cam, but I so miss the live cams Disney previously had installed in the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. Those were great.

    For a “fake” video web cam view of Cinderella Castle and Main Street USA, check out the following link:

  2. I love Disney World and being in the UK and not fom the richest family it is unlikely that we will be there in the next few years. I last visited probably around six years ago, so any scrap of a glimpse at disney is enough for me. I love the web cams that are gr8.

    1. Well Charlotte, now that the dollar is very weak vs. the British Pound, it’s the best time to go. I live in NY and there are a ton of European tourists on vacation here buying up electronics and everything.

      My friend just went to Walt Disney World and got a hotel for $40/night (tax included) on Hotwire.com. That’s roughly 20 GBP.

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