Adjusting to change is never easy

Adjusting to change is never easy, especially when it is forced upon you. That explains part of the reason Shuttle and Taxi drivers are so upset at Disney‘s entry into what was previously their sole domain. Heck, the Taxi and Shuttle lobby was powerful enough in Los Angeles (and other locations too, I’m sure) to prevent a direct connection between the commuter train and the airport. Instead at LAX passengers must utilize shuttles or taxi’s to make the last portion of their journey.

So if Taxis and Shuttles drivers and owners hate Disney’s Magical Express service just wait until the coming high speed rail service extends from Tampa to the Airport (with a stop at Disney World, of course).

1 thought on “Adjusting to change is never easy”

  1. I think you’re being optomistic when you describe the high speed rail link as “coming”.

    To quote the high speed rail section of the page you linked…

    “In 2000, Floridians voted to develop a high speed rail system between Florida’s five major cities (Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa and Miami). However, in 2004, Floridians voted to repeal the amendment.”

    The other projects mentioned on the page include a commuter rail project that will use existing rail lines (and won’t come close to WDW or the airport) and a light rail project, part of which will follow I-drive (Again, no airport or WDW service.)

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