Magic Fireflies in your garden, better than POTC

If you’re a fan of Disneyland’s Pirates of the Carribean attraction then you’ve probably dreamed of having a set of magical fireflies in your own garden. There has been the replica set recreated by an ex-imagineer as a home project. Now there is a commercially produced version that attempts to better recreate the actual Firefly experience (warning: auto-flash with sound and no ‘stop’ button). (via Inhabitat)

Update: here’s a competitor FireFly creator.

2 thoughts on “Magic Fireflies in your garden, better than POTC”

  1. Boing! Nifty fireflies. But my goodness, I do envy the people who have real fireflies in the vicinity of their backyard, and don’t have to wire up dozens of tiny lights to achieve the effect.

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