Paparrazi Out of Control at Disneyland

When I lived in Southern California Disneyland was my Cheers. Instead of heading down to the neighborhood bar for a few drinks with friends, I went to Disneyland to see my friends. I met my wife and my best friends there. In the amount of time I spent at the park I saw a fair number of celebrities. (Ask my wife about the time we saw Goldie Hawn and Carrie Fisher at Blue Bayou, that’s a good story.) But I never ever intruded on their enjoyment of the park. (Superman Dean Cain did step on my leg while crossing the parade route, however.) In fact, I don’t ever remember seeing many guests ask for an autograph (and if they did the Host or Hostess usually intervened). At the most, someone might snap a photo from a distance.

So I don’t understand why there is suddenly a rash of incidents between paparazzi and the stars at or near Disneyland? The latest incident has resulted in charges of assault against a photographer who was overly aggressive when chasing after pictures of Reese Whitherspoon. Has the tabloid culture really gotten that desperate for photos of our stars? Or is the news just choosing to report it now?

What can you do? Stop buying tabloids. Ask your local store to remove them from their prominent location near the cash register. Stop watching those celebrity tracking shows on TV too. Paparazzi only act this way because they feel there is a payday for them if they do.

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