Disney wants to own all the tourist traffic.

While I’m sure Disney would love it if they could figure out how to teleport tourists directly to their hotels, for now they have to stick with busses and cars. Disney’s Magical Express is a bus service that is putting a huge dent in the bank accounts of Orlando’s Limo and Shuttle service. (see previous post). Now Disney has announced they’ve secretly been building a new road through their property to keep more cars on their property and off the highways where they might accidentally see competitors properties *gasp*.

public planners applauded the idea that the new Disney route
could divert thousands of cars a day off I-4. Disney estimates the new
road would carry 15,000 vehicles a day in its first year. If traffic
grows, Disney plans to widen Western Way to six lanes.

Looks like it might even help alleviate some traffic problems too. See I told you Disney only has good in their hearts.

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