Disney wants to own all the tourist traffic.

While I’m sure Disney would love it if they could figure out how to teleport tourists directly to their hotels, for now they have to stick with busses and cars. Disney’s Magical Express is a bus service that is putting a huge dent in the bank accounts of Orlando’s Limo and Shuttle service. (see previous post). Now Disney has announced they’ve secretly been building a new road through their property to keep more cars on their property and off the highways where they might accidentally see competitors properties *gasp*.

public planners applauded the idea that the new Disney route
could divert thousands of cars a day off I-4. Disney estimates the new
road would carry 15,000 vehicles a day in its first year. If traffic
grows, Disney plans to widen Western Way to six lanes.

Looks like it might even help alleviate some traffic problems too. See I told you Disney only has good in their hearts.

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3 thoughts on “Disney wants to own all the tourist traffic.”

  1. I’m a loyal Disney customer flying in a few times a year. Magical Express makes that a lot cheaper for me and my family, so I’ll come more often. If I am renting a car and can avoid the I-4 traffic mess, that makes my life better.

    Disney is doing stuff to make it easier to vacation with them – I like that. Is Disney there to support the customer or the existing limo services?

  2. This issue really has me shaking my head. I worked as a taxicab and a limo Towncar driver for three different (legitimate) companies in Orlando over nine years. I finally left the industry because of the low lifes in it. You’ll notice it’s not the legitimate (i.e., “licensed, insured and regulated”) drivers bemoaning the Disney shuttle service. It’s all the others: the “gypsies” who spend all day ripping off poor, unknowing tourists. These are the guys who go to the airport and stand in baggage claim pretending to be picking up a pre-arranged fare, when in fact, they’re outright lying and decieving incoming passengers, getting them into their cars and really taking them for a “ride!” They’re also the ones who paint their cars to look like legitimate taxicabs and go to popular attractions and outright steal fares, pretending to be the good guys. Then, they rip off their passengers with outrageous fares. I say good for Disney. Anything to get these low lifes out of the industry the better.

  3. As I commented on your previous post about Magical Express, Disney is offering a better product for its customers. If building a road or offering a shuttle bus service makes thier customers happy, why not do it. Hey taxi/limo drivers, it’s called free market – welcome to America!

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