Disney Pin Craze continues

The Disney Pin Trading craze continues despite the slowly rising price for pins and the ubiquity of ‘collectible’ and ‘limited edition’ pins. Pin Trading took off at the Disneyland resort as the Beanie Baby craze was in its waning days. The ‘sport’ had been around in low volume since the days of the 1984 Olympics that were hosted by Los Angeles. But a release of 40 new pins by the park jump started interest in the hobby among the parks fans and visitors.

That’s when I got started. The first few years were good because the folks in Disney Merchandise didn’t yet realize how big a money maker pin trading could be for them. But as soon as they did, the market got flooded, it became impossible to collect all the pins you wanted without breaking the bank. And frankly, I wasn’t collecting pins for my retirement. (I still have a bunch of Beanie Babies for that. Oy.)

If you’re still a big pin trader, like the Judy and Phil Lucier here who have an article in the local newspaper this week, I’d love to hear what keeps you going these days.

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