Disneyland from a new perspective

I have always enjoyed photography. Much of the art is skill, so the amateur can be taught everything he needs to know to create great art. If he shoots enough photos he might even get a beautiful shot or two on each roll of film (the ratio is a little lower with digital cameras, of course). But the chasm between amateur and artist is just as wide in photography as it is in fine painting. True photo artists see things differently and have the ability capture that difference on film.

I’m in the catagory of skilled amateur, I’m happy with the few really great photos I get. Beatnik Sidearm, on the otherhand, is obviously in the catagory of artist. So I was quite happy when he ventured down to Disneyland and put its familiar icons under his eye. He has two posts and some flickr sets that really capture the iconic nature of Disneyland.

Makes me wish I was there.