Hong Kong Disneyland Sneak Peak

Hong Kong Disneyland opens to the public on September 12th. But for now, many are getting a sneak peak at the themepark. By some accounts it’s going smoothly.

"Are there things we didn’t anticipate? Yes," said Jay Rasulo, Disney’s
president of parks and resorts. "Are they keeping me up at night? No."

Others have found problems

Animal rights activists, meanwhile, took the company to task for the
handling of packs of wild dogs that descended from the surrounding
hills. Hundreds of stray mutts, which are common on Lantau Island,
where the park is located, were attracted to the construction site.
Many were rounded up by Hong Kong’s Agriculture, Fisheries and
Conservation Department, which tried to find homes for the healthy ones
but destroyed at least 45 sick animals.

But still, I wish everyone, Cast Members and guests, the best of luck on lots of fun enjoying their new Disney playground. Wish I could be there.

1 thought on “Hong Kong Disneyland Sneak Peak”

  1. It’s great to see that the world of Disney
    has decided to expand beyond its intimate borders–that is–America. Children in this world of all ethnicities should become acquainted with the Disney characters and their playground. Hong Kong is a great choice to further the realm of Disneyland. And indeed there will be “problems” that arise in situating a theme park within nature’s grounds: environmentalists will inevitably bite, as will the former inhabitants (animals & insects alike). But rest assured that Disneyland is a great investment and eventually all will fall into place. Enjoy Hong Kong!

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