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Six Flags Disneyland Connection?

The Six Flags Themeparks are up for sale. Sadly, the Six Flags New Orleans is underwater right now, just another small part in the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. Although the news of the pending sale is a few days old, I wanted to note this odd connection the sale might have to Disneyland.

It looks like Six Flags might be willing to sale their parks one by one. If this happens Vision Maker, which placed a losing bid on Legoland, is a potential suitor for the Los Angeles amusement park. The Cora brothers, longtime Disneyland employees who started at the bottom and worked their way to the top of the management structure, are principles at Vision Maker. If this happened they would bring a direct connection from the Days of Walt to Disneylands neighbor to the north. Something I’d definitely like to see.

1 thought on “Six Flags Disneyland Connection?”

  1. Six Flags parks for sale? That’s news to me.

    I live in the town for the LA one, so it will be very interesting to watch what happens.

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