Say it ain’t so, Bob.

This has to be the worse rumor I’ve heard in a long time. Imagineer and creative force behind many current Disney Attractions, Bruce Gordon, has been let go from Walt Disney Imagineering. Even worse, this may signal the impending layoffs of most of WDI. So says Kevin Yee of MiceAge and so says at least a few other sources.

If this rumor is true, and most say it is, laying off Bruce Gordon, one of the very few left with direct ties to the original generation of Imagineers, is like saying you’re no longer conerned with maintaining any ties with Disney’s past. I dearly hope to hear this rumor isn’t true. Say it ain’t so Bob Iger. Tell us you have no intention of decimating another division that provides an important anchor to what it means to be the Walt Disney Company.

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