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Mellie Muses Money

It was always Walt’s intention that DL would be a place where a family
can enjoy a day of fun (and learning – gasp!) together, and still go
home at the end of the day with money in Father’s pocket. Walt wasn’t
out to fleece anyone. Of course, there have been others managing the
parks since Walt left us, and that’s when you see the admission prices
increasing at greater rates.

Mellie, of GollyBlogHowdy fame, calculates the cost of a day trip to Disneyland and compares it to some other entertainment values of the day. Hint: Disneyland comes out looking pretty good.

Disney World doesn’t look so bad either, but only if you plan for a weeklong stay. The new ticket prices make it more expensive to just by a 2 or 3 day ticket. Btw, it is probably worth it to join AAA and book through one of their saver rates. You’ll save much more on tickets, rooms, and parking then the cost of your AAA Membership. And if you get a AAA Diamond Parking pass, send it my way when you’re done with it. Those puppies let you park right up front.