Tower of Terror: The Investigation Continues

I’ve ridden the Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror numerous times, But I’ll probably never ride it again. Not because of this recent incident, but because of a back injury I suffered when the vehicle I was driving was t-boned by a drunk driver. I know my limitations. The 16 year old from England may not have.

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that the teen visited the Disney Studios themed park six times over the week and that she rode the Tower of Terror numerous times. I am not a doctor, nor will I play one on this blog, but it seems there is a reasonable, if small, chance that the frequent riding may have exacerbated a pre-existing condition before her final ride and that the last ride just last straw. Now whether frequent riding could cause a problem on its own, that’s a good question for Disney to consider (do it again, if they already have considered it in the design phases as the ride has been changed recently).

This story also reports that the teen was seen smiling in the souvenir photo. This reminded me of an morbid practice some Disney Cast Members have of keeping copies of those souvenir photos when they show someone who has already died on the attraction, or died after riding it. The one of the woman who died on Disneyland’s Splash Mountain of a heart aneurism was posted on the back of a control tower door for a long period of time. She just looked asleep, but it was very eerie because everyone else in the ride vehicle was laughing and screaming and she was just lying there.

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