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June 29, 2005

“Roger Rabbit” Verdict good for Disney

You may have heard of the lawsuit filed by "Roger Rabbit" creator Gary Wolf for a larger share of the royalties from sales of plush and other merchandise made from the movie. The jury partially decided in Wolf’s favor but verdict swung in favor of The Walt Disney Company on the larger issue of whether… Read More »“Roger Rabbit” Verdict good for Disney


Mike Lee, owner of the Disneyscapes blog, has a beautiful eye for the endless details that make up the Disney world of themeparks. His photography blog also includes comments, often of a historical nature, for each picture. Very useful.

DL50th Fan Convention Schedule Posted

Disneyland turns 50 this year and it’s biggest fans are throwing one heck of a pre-party in the form of the 2005 NFFC Convention. Schedule details have recently been posted and the lineup looks great. Since Disney isn’t offering this kind of thing themselves anymore, this is your only chance to get the scoop directly… Read More »DL50th Fan Convention Schedule Posted