Disneyland Australia?

I like this rumor… Disneyland Australia? Build so close to Hong Kong, I doubt it. But who knows. Stranger things have happened.

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  1. Earlier this year there was a report in the Sydney Morning Herald that Disney were looking at buying up some land west of Sydney for a new theme park. I did think of writing and telling you but never got around to it (sorry). I hope and pray it does happen…though I can’t say I’m too optimistic.

    It also raised some interesting questions too. If it were to go ahead, would they maintain Main Street USA or do an Aussie version? I can tell you now it’d go down really badly here if it was a US version(Aussies can be a bit funny like that).

    Still it would be a terrific challenge for the imagineers to do an Aussie version. Even though the Australian architecture of the time isn’t as iconic as the American it’s certainly very aesthetically and historically interesting.

    Remember we were very colonial then and our architecture reflected that. It’s always the case that people in the colonies were ‘more British than the British’ so the buildings reflected that as well and were really over the top in some cases and very very grand.

    How I would love to be on the Imagineering team if were to go ahead. That would be my dream job.

  2. I have also heard that it will be built in melbourne. Also, my uncle worked as an imagineer in Tokyo, for DisneySea, and he said that one park would be the traditional Disneyland, and one similar to the DisneySea park, with Australian aspects added.

  3. I have also heard rumors of it being in Melbourne, Sydney and QLD. But why build it in QLD?? They already have themeparks anyway, so do Sydney, the need to spread it around a bit. I say give it to Adelaide, even though i’m from QLD. Adelaide dont have anything like this and it would be good for their City.

  4. I’ve heard a rumour about Avalon as well. Being a Melbournite, I’d love to see one here. Avalon has acres and acres of land, enough for a disneyland and the Avalon airport is there as well. It would make travel to and from the theme park convenient for the tourists who just want to go to the park. They are also thinking of accomodation being built, something that will rival California. I think it would benefit Melbourne. To place us on the map for a change. When you ask a yank if they know anything about Oz, they say, “Oh, Sydney?” Like Sydney is the only city in Australia. Only cos of the Olympics. Outside of their own country, the Americans know nothing about the rest of the world.

  5. If it will be anywhere it will be Gold Coast/Queensland because the weather is pretty much always warm and sunny. Melbourne is usually coldish and rainy/cloudy. The wouldn’t build it out west of Sydney because thats is where Wonderland was and it was too damn hot everyday. If you head to http://www.visionsfantastic.com and look at the Imagineer forum on the Discussion board, a guy has practically designed all of a Disneyland for Australia, check it out and give your suggestions.

  6. I heard they were building a Disneyland in laverton, Melbourne. I would love that since that melbourne has hardly any theme parks. Laverton’s full of land but like the above comments, Avalon would be great.

  7. The area at the former Laverton RAAF Base has been set aside for residential purposes and may be called Williams’ Landing. Back of Laverton is too far away from major roadways, so if anywhere in Victoria, I hope it is at Avalon. I can’t see why they wouldn’t build one here just because of the proximty with Hong Kong. It costs $1000 bucks to fly there!

  8. Just for all you who are wondering,it has been known for some months now that Disney have bought alot of land on the Gold Coast. The new Disney sithe will be very close to Dreamworld.

    Sure Australia has theme parks like WB Movie World etc. But possibly after a while, my guess is in a few years, people who visit Australia, come to live in Australia, or already live in Australia are going to want some place new to visit. Also, the population in Australia will continue to increase because we are known as the Lucky Country. Some people cannot afford an overseas holiday and some people would have to wait a long time to go because they have to save up their money for what they want to do there. Besides Mickey Mouse has been around for a long time and is still more popular today than Bugs Bunny in the Cartoon, Movie and Entertainment Industry! Also, Walt Disney Entertainment is doing more movies than Warner Brothers is in the cartoon format. I say a Disneyland should be built in Australia because there are a Lot of Disney fans in Australia. A lot of
    people would do anything for a visit to
    Disneyland. Also Mickey Mouse and his
    Friends as well as other Disney Characters would become more popular around the world, plus it would create more jobs for
    people in Australia where ever you build it
    in this Great Country of ours. I have been
    praying that a Disneyland will be in
    Australia and I know God will answer my prayer because I have been a Christian all of my life. One of my biggest wishes is for a Disneyland In Australia. My favourite Disney Characters are Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Goofy’s Son Max, and if I got a chance to see Mickey Mouse and his friends at Disneyland, it would be one of the happiest times in my life.
    One of my aunty’s has been a big fan of
    Mickey Mouse ever since she was a little
    Girl, so I know she would go to an Australian Disneyland. When My Sister and I were kids we used to get up early on Saturday mornings and watch Saturday Disney on TV. I’ve also downloaded free-to-download pictures of Mickey and Friends off the Internet for the desktop in my login on the family computer. I think Disney’s music sounds so excellent. Plus the movies and DVD’s they have done and released lately here in Australia I think are really good. A Disneyland in Australia
    I think would make lots of people happy
    including my family, my friends and myself.
    I’m autistic and epileptic but as long as
    I don’t get too excited about going and I remember to take my medication before we go, I would be fine at Disneyland. I’d be very very happy to see Mickey, Minnie and their Friends face to face and other Disney Characters as well. I know one will be be built in Australia and do well here because I’am praying to God for it, and I,
    along with a lot of other godly people,
    know that God answers our good prayers.
    I have bought quite a lot of Disney DVD’s and I think they are very, very good. I like to go http://www.disney.go.com and play games. I also have a Playstation 2 game called Disney Golf and it’s a really amazing game with it’s amazing 3D graphics, beautiful music plus much more. I also want to buy more Disney merchandise for myself, and I’m sure a Disneyland in Australia would increase what’s available. I hope it comes soon.

    Joshua Wells

  10. I have also heard that they are going to build one in either Werribee, Point Cook or Avalon. We live in the area, so I asked my husband to ask his work mates who also live in the area, even though he felt embarassed to do so, as he thinks its a stupid rumour, he did ask, and someone said that it’s true, as Avalon airport is going international and its all part of the master plan. I then asked a girlfriend of mine who knows everything and everyone in corporate Melbourne, and she said that owner of Avalon airport actually put in a proposal to Disney land to set one up down there. Someone on Melbourne radio said it’s going to be Point Cook around 2010.

  11. it would be so good if melbourne could have a disney land it would be so good for the tourists for somewhere fun to go instead of restraunt and stuff like that…..who would build it in sydney….as if! sydney is a show off and thinks that ‘we are the capital of australia’ but they arent!!! so it would be really good 2 have a disney land in melbourne!!!…pretty much we have none!

  12. Man, I thought Disney had decided not to build their themepark in Melbourne… but judging by some of the recent comments on this page, plans may still be in the works. I have no idea whether Australians will accept this new symbol of American billionaire corporate moneymogulism, or whether they will resent it. I guess we will have to wait and see.

    1. Hi, yes, I have heard it is going to have an antaric theme, so probably an ice rink, makes sense then that it would be in Melbourne.
      Yesterday a girlfriend of mine who has bought in Williams Landing said that she read Wyndham council notes also saying there will be a Disneyland built in Wyndham. Gee it would be great for jobs, but maybe it’s going to be put on hold because of the recession we are not having.

  13. yep disneyland in austrailia is true. dont know much details. i was approached today with an offer to move here from california to work on it over there for 5-10 years. dont think ill go though.

  14. I have actually heard that it will be in Melbourne, Avalon and is expected to be built in 2009 or 2010, well anyways it would be like a neighbour to Village Roadshow’s African Safari World theme park that is being built in the werribee zoo grounds. Who knows maybe the avalon area might be home to the 2 of Melbourne’s biggest theme parks, Disney Land Melbourne & Village’s African Safari World.It could even be the Gold Coast in Melbourne!

  15. This would be AMAZING.
    Wonderland, was a great Theme Park.
    But its location was a downer.
    Not many families wanted to drive 1.5-2 hours.
    Having a disneyland in sydney, Australia’s most well known city, would be worth it.
    Luna park, is aweful. It has the rotor. The UFO, The ranger, and the tango train.
    Thats about it in relation to good rides.
    Disney would get ALOT of money from it.

  16. WHy does everything have to be

    Why couldnt there be a Disneyland in Adelaide?

    We have the space
    It’s neve muggy here
    And Adelaide needs some sort of Tourist Attraction

    And with Airfares these days you can travel to adelaide with like $29 if you’re lucky

    Cmon. Adelaide is dead boring
    There is really nothing here =(

    Give us something!!

  17. melourne has nothing close to a world class theme park (but Adventure Park is improving! as a water park!) and the African Safari World rejected Melbourne really needs a theme park! If the Victorian government wants tourists and not letting them go elsewhere like QLD and Sydney than approve for a theme park! and tourists would be pouring in all over the globe!

  18. Why did they reject the African Safari World Plans? That would of been great for Victoria! & Melbourne! If Disney was actually to open in avalon it would be really great for Melbourne and we will definately see more tourists rushing into Melbourne!

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