Disney Hall dulled to stop complaints

One of Lillian Disney’s legacies will be the wonderful gift she gave to Los Angeles in the form of the Walt Disney Concert Hall. If you’re in the LA area you should try to schedule a visit for a tour and a show. As I understand it, seeing a show is the only way to see the actuall concert hall, the tours do not go in. What you won’t see, however, is the original metallic shine of the hall. Architect’s Frank Gerhry’s bold (and reflective) vision is now being sanded down to protect the eyes, skin, and electric bills of its neighbors. More at this LA Times story which states that they are working with the architect’s office to stay as close to his vision as possible. That’s good.

2 thoughts on “Disney Hall dulled to stop complaints”

    EVErything is overproced thats just the disney way but
    not to offer refills on drinks or at least have a fountain
    machineto refill your beverage is disgusting
    greedy capitalism at its worst..Guys move into the new millenium
    have free refills for people paying 8.00+ for 3 chicken fingers frys and $2.76 for a drink.. Also why do you have to stay at a hotel to stay later than 9 pm why 11 oclock is good..Whats your deal anyway..Other than that it was fun..The kids liked it…

  2. Disney Channel is no longer for kids. Toon Disney is not even for kids anymore. What has happened to Good Morning Mickey and the the classic Donald Duck cartoons? What about Winnie the Pooh? I do not want my preschooler watching the dribble that is currently on. Preschoolers need programs that are appropriate for them. The classic Disney cartoons were fine for 3 generations, why not 4 or more? Walt is certainly DEAD now and so is any of his legacy. (Remember he created Mickey) I say there is still room for “The Preschool Hour” a couple times a day. Why go to Disneyland or Disney World when the “toons” generations upon generations went to “see LIVE” every year are no longer on TV anymore? The love of Disney characters starts when you are very very young. I say you have totally forgotten your youngest “customers” Shame on you.

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