An Ain’t it Cool Tour of Pixar’s facilities

Moriarty, from Ain’t it cool News, paints a lovely picture of the Pixar campus with his report from a recent tour. You’ll need to scroll down a bit to get to the tour… then keep on scrolling down to read his review of the new The Incredibles DVD. Looks like a winner.

2 thoughts on “An Ain’t it Cool Tour of Pixar’s facilities”

  1. I recently finished watching the Bonus Disc from The Incredibles. I’m envious of anyone who gets to tour that amazing place. The behind the scenes footage on the disc shows what looks like a great, fun place to work.

  2. Thanks for the link to Ain’t It Cool News, in which Moriarty discusses the Pixar tour. As a big fan of Pixar, I like hearing any kind of behind the scenes information. Looking foward to getting The Incredibles on DVD myself!

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