Hong Kong Disneyland closer to opening

The Disney Company has set their sites on Asia as the next big untapped consumer market. Hong Kong Disneyland is likely just their first step into the huge Chinese market. I doubt they’ll let let little things like Fire Ants stop them, although the press is making a big story out of it. Memo to Disney: this is what happens in a news vacuum. The littlest things get picked up and blown out of proportion.

This story in the Asia edition of Time Magazine says the Hong Kong resort is still on schedule for a September opening and mentions how close Macau (the gambling destination) is to the Disney themepark’s Lantau Island location.

4 thoughts on “Hong Kong Disneyland closer to opening”

  1. I just got back from EPCOT. I talked to one young asian cast member about her red Hong Kong ribbon attached to her name tag. She explained that she was one of about 500 future Hong Kong cast members who are spending up to four months here in the US for training. Man, that’s some serious investment in training. She also said many were on their second training trip.

  2. Many Chinese have the bad habits of littering, smoking, spitting in public places. How would the management team of Hong Kong Disneyland handle visitors like that? I would not want my kids to mingle with people like that.

  3. Wow I haven’t seen people make such naked ignorant comment for long time; it’s quite amazing to see one here. Even though “Chan” sounds Chinese it doesn’t give you a free pass.
    Besides, I lived in Hong Kong for 18 years (before I came to United States) and it is not dirty at all. I don’t like to differentiate Make the cliché differentiation between “mainland Chinese” and “Hong Kong Chinese” but when come to situation like this, I would have to. I did see some occasional bad habits performed in public during my last visit to Shanghai, but as far as I remember, the majority of people there don’t do that.
    Wherever you are from, your attitude simply doesn’t help anything at all.

  4. I totally agree with ALP. I’m a regular visitor to HK and have often remarked how clean and free of litter (and spit) the MTR is. Now I know thousands of Chinese, mainland and otherwise, go through the MTR. So I wonder which little ‘village’ Chan seem to come from. Please, please don’t use your kids as excuse!

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