New Book has dirt on Eisner

Looking for more ammunition to in your crusade against Michael Eisner and current Disney management? Then James B Stewart’s upcoming missive ‘Disney War’ is for you. According to The New York Post it’s sending shockwaves through Burbank with a very damaging look at Eisner’s career.

While gloating over another revelation into Eisner’s poor stewardship of the Disney name and product is all fine and dandy, I’m really curious as to the progress on appointing his successor. This article indicates that current Disney executive Bob Iger is a shoe in and that external candidates aren’t even being considered.

The perception that a wide-ranging search is not being conducted could ignite further outrage from disgruntled shareholders, as well as Stanley Gold and Roy Disney, the former board members who resigned in late 2003 to campaign for Eisner’s ouster.

I would think so. After all only backed down after being promised that a fair and open search would be done.


3 thoughts on “New Book has dirt on Eisner”

  1. I must admit I’m a bit torn about Eisner. I think he did a lot of good in the late 80’s early 90’s. But he’s since outworn his welcome.

    Then again, things started going downhill when Wells died. Maybe he was the real genious behind the saving of Disney.

  2. Hmmm.. The team of Michael Eisner, Frank Wells, Jeffrey Katzenburg, and Rich Frank made the Walt Disney Company what it was. I worked for each of them at one time or another, having spent considerable time with the last 3 as a 12 year veteran of the WDW theme parks. I was at the WDW Resort for a conference last September and my company laid out a chunk of change to stay in one of their hotels. I have to tell you, it sickens me to no end to see how poorly run the theme park division is now. It used to have a heart, soul, and culture!I was privy to a lot of conversations from the top, and what is happening now is NOT in any way shape or form coming from corporate. There are people in charge now that are ruining the place – people that you wouldn’t allow to take out your garbage! I know these people, I worked with them. I don’t think Eisner is ineffective, rather, I think he put some bad people in charge and isn’t holding them accountable. The theme parks aren’t clean, there was mold growing on my hotel room ceiling, and the CAST just doesn’t care! Things started to go down in the ’90’s but, management recognized this and reacted to it. Unfortunately, those that were responisble for the downward decline are now in charge. The board of directors needs to open its eyes and DEMAND that the company go back to its core values. Get rid of the current management at WDW and bring up those who truly understand its culture.

  3. So if the right changes in management came about, what would the future look like for the Disney Empire? I’m curious. Paint me a picture.

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