New Book has dirt on Eisner

Looking for more ammunition to in your crusade against Michael Eisner and current Disney management? Then James B Stewart’s upcoming missive ‘Disney War’ is for you. According to The New York Post it’s sending shockwaves through Burbank with a very damaging look at Eisner’s career.

While gloating over another revelation into Eisner’s poor stewardship of the Disney name and product is all fine and dandy, I’m really curious as to the progress on appointing his successor. This article indicates that current Disney executive Bob Iger is a shoe in and that external candidates aren’t even being considered.

The perception that a wide-ranging search is not being conducted could ignite further outrage from disgruntled shareholders, as well as Stanley Gold and Roy Disney, the former board members who resigned in late 2003 to campaign for Eisner’s ouster.

I would think so. After all only backed down after being promised that a fair and open search would be done.