Vaulting the Disney video market

For the Walt Disney Company, the Disney
Vault is a prized possession, or in other words, more power to them in
regards to market control.

For the consumer, however, the
Disney Vault means more hours strolling down the DVD aisles of Best
Buy, Fry’s, Circuit City or even the movie wall at your local The
Disney Store searching for a copy of your favorite childhood animated
feature. In the end, you leave empty-handed and uninformed to the
consumer status of films such as "Pinocchio" (1940), "Fantasia" (1940)
and "Peter Pan" (1953), to name a few.

The USC student newspaper The Daily Trojan takes a look at the problems Disney’s Vault causes for consumers. Vaulting refers to the practice of ending production of a DVD or Video and putting a moritoriam on any re-releases for a minimum of 7-10 years. This creates a scarcity which has been taken advantage of by observant eBay users and Amazon resellers.

This vaulting process originally applied to theatre releases. In my youth a ‘Disney Classic’ would be unsealed and sent back out to the theatres to be seen by a new generation. There is something magical about seeing Snow White on the big screen. The details and mastery of Walt’s animators really shines through. These days you have to be lucky enough to live in Southern California (and sometimes in New York City) to see the old classics on the big screen at El Capitan in Hollywood.

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54 thoughts on “Vaulting the Disney video market”

  1. i dont see the reason behind not selling a movie for 7-10 years, why not continue to profit off of the chances of sellling to the children born in that time period? that just makes no sense, in that time a child may pass right by any intrest in ever seeing the movie

    1. actually it makes perfect sense…makes you buy the movie once it is first released, and if you dont have it the vault forces you to.. pulling maximum profit off the final stock of movie. hold it for 10 years. those who loved them as kids, will buy it for their kids, and others will borrow until their release date. no child will loose interest in watching a movie his/her mommy watched as a child. we are not talking about new aged movies, we are talking about classic movies that are older than you and me for that matter. it makes perfect business sense.

  2. How can I find out when certain titles such as The Little Mermaid, and The Jungle Book to name a few are coming back out to sale so I can be ready? Any information will be appreciated.

  3. There are two disney originals from the mid 1980’s that have never been put on to vhs or dvd. I would be willing to pay $200 a piece for these two movies to be dug out of the vault and put on to dvd. The movies are “B.R.A.T. PATROL” and “Ask max” please let me know if this is possible or who else I might be able to contact.

    thank you

  4. Does anyone know of a place I can find a list of the movies Disney has in the vault? Or some release dates? I’m looking for 101 Dalmations and Fox and the Hound which was just recently vaulted. Thanks in advance.


    1. Aw, man I loved that movie- also:
      The Decon Street Deer.
      The Richest Cat in the World.

      Disney Sunday movies were great! All I can think is that someone ripped them from VHS and might be selling them, or there might be a download available somewhere.

  6. If the movie has ever been released anywhere on DVD or VHS, then you should be able to find a copy on Ebay or Amazon. It may be used, but someone somewhere will want to sell it to you. Just remember that some DVD’s from other countries won’t work on U.S. players.
    Also, I just googled “Brat Patrol” and found various links about it (and quite a few about a very special CHiPs episode).

  7. How can I find out which movie well be coming out of the vault next and when?
    I am really intrested in the little mermaid.

  8. Can I recieve a list of the movies that are in the Disney vault and also the dates they may be released again.

  9. I am looking for copies of some of the old movies that use to show on Sunday Nights on the Wonderful World of Disney. Some titles would include, The Richest Cat in the World, B.R.A.T Patrol, Exile, Sunday Drive. It seems these are impossible to get.

  10. I’m looking for a list or link of sorts that will give me dates for the Disney vault. I’d like to know what has recently gone back in or will be going back soon and what is coming up. I have asked at the Disney store and they said they were unsure, but that the Little Mermaid was coming out in October 2006 and Peter Pan won’t be out before 2010.

  11. I also have read in a couple places that Jungle Book and 101 Dalmations will be out sometime in 2007. I would be VERY interested in finding a website of all vaulted movies and they’re re-release dates….

  12. The information on the Little Mermaid is correct and Dumbo will be coming out in the summer of this year.

  13. I’ve also been looking for some release dates for Disney movies in the vault.

    My beloved copy of Sleeping Beauty was eaten by an old VCR and I’ve been desperately looking to replace it. Has anyone heard when it may be released on DVD?

  14. I am looking for the name of a Mickey Mouse movie that was never released. Mickey was looking for a job in the paper. Went and became a “lab rat” no pun intended. His personality was split and the other personalites became real and started reeking havoc. One looked just like him but with a bite out of his ear. I just want to know that Im not crazy can some one help Thanks

  15. Barbara Lee Vore - Reed City, Michigan - July 18, 2006

    I would like a list of all vaulted Disney movies & dates of their release. A list of those soon to be vaulted (I’m a senior citizen with a limited income & can buy a few DVD’s at a time.) I would also like to see on DVD those old time movies aired by Disney on Sunday evenings like “Help Wanted:Kids” & “North Avenue Irregulars”, etc. And PLEASE, PLEASE put “Song of the South” on DVD it’s a beautiful story of living, loving, & getting along with others regardless of race or creed.

  16. I want the B.R.A.T Patrol movie……Help make it possible.
    There are many people looking for this and other sunday night disney specials never made on vhs or dvd.

  17. I am looking for a good vhs or dvd of “The Brat Patrol”. If anyone knows where to get a copy please let me know.

  18. I would like to know when will the lion king part 1 and part 2 will be released from the vault again and a list other movies that will be released please. thank you.

  19. I have started getting disney movies for my 18 month old and I think this vault thing is out of hand. I want movies for her to enjoy and see the way I watched them when I was a child. At this point she will never have interest in them because she will be to old when they release them. If they are going to do this vault thing they should at least take all the movies out every 2 years for a week only and allow people to maybe grab them without all the other hype that goes with disney releases.

  20. Like many people here, I’ve been looking for a few ‘older’ Disney movies but cannot get them because they are not in production anymore. Is there some way of finding a list of movies that are in the Disney Vault and when they may next come out again? I’d love to allow my neice to at least see some of the amazing Disney movies I got to enjoy, right now I’m specifically looking for Anastasia… but I was told it was no longer ‘avalible’.

  21. You might have more luck looking for Anastasia from Fox pictures. It’s not a Disney film. Alas, there is no schedule of when film will be released from Disney’s vault. It’s a secret they keep close to their chest.


  22. Does anybody have a list of vaulted Disney movies and their release dates? No offense and all, but if you are spewing off DVD requests, I would suggest trying Amazon or Ebay.

  23. I was wondering how long disney movies stay in the Disney Vault? Also if somebody could tell me when 101 dalmations and Beauty and the Beast are coming back out

  24. If you need info about upcomming Disney DVDs, the release schedules, etc, then is your site. it is great for knowing what is in print, what is not availible, when things are comming availible. also, jungle book comes out oct 07, i am counting the days….

  25. Truly, I think vaulting is a terrible practice. A person ought to be able to buy a movie when they want it. My mom didn’t buy all the Disney movies I liked when I was a kid, now they’re not available.

  26. You have to make B.R.A.T. Patrol available on DVD (I’ll even take it on VHS). I’m 27 years old and loved that movie when I was younger. I used to watch it over and over again until my older brother taped over it with some history channel special. I’ve been looking for this movie for the past ten years…so if you could help, it would be greatly appreciated.
    Patiently waiting,

  27. BRAT PATROL…. BRAT PATROL…. BRAT PATROL….. Seriously now. It’s all over the internet that people, myself included, are looking for copies for the BRAT Patrol to be released on dvd. Disney, can you please release it.

  28. OMG I sooo want BRAT PATROL my all time favourite film when i was a kid i havent seen it in such a long time does anyone know where we can get a copy. i’ve looked all over the net HELPPPP lol

  29. BRAT PATROL!!! That film was amazin! so glad to find other people who appreciate such 80s quality. I too have been searching for it for years. If anyone has got any news on where I could get hold of a copy please email me @: [email protected].

  30. I have also been looking for BRAT Patrol. My younger sisters and I used to watch it everyday. I think my brother threw it out (probably because he got sick of it). Come on Disney, release it on DVD or show it again on ABC!!!!!!

  31. I’m looking for the Richest Cat in the World. I remember watching it as a kid and now I would love to have my kids watch it. Thanks.

    1. Unfortunately they only make The Richest Cat In The World on VHS in europe, so it won’t play on our players. I did manage to get a copy of it on ebay from the UK. and have had it transfered to DVD to play in a US dvd player it is not very good quality but is still watchable, it makes a gargeling sound through the whole movie but once you get into the movie you kind of forget about the noise, and there is a spot for about ten seconds that is distorted. Anyway if you still are interested about getting this movie. I have it

  32. No there is not an echo… B.R.A.T. Patrol was just that great of a movie! I would pay a large sum for that movie on DVD. I’m also vying for Ask Max and Foreign Exchange! I’ve looked everywhere and apparently these were never released! Disney, PLEASE release these wonderful movies on DVD. I used to love Sunday nights watching the Wonderful World of Disney with my family and I would love to share that with my next generation!!

  33. I am looking for B.R.A.T. Patrol too. I had taped it long time ago. However, I lost it in a fire. I would like to show it to my little one. I think that he would like it just as much as I did when I was his age. If anyone has any info about it, please contact me.

  34. YES! I want The B.R.A.T. Patrol too! My sister and I taped it when we were younger and watched it over and over again! I really want to own it on VHS or DVD! I’m glad to see my sister and I are not alone! We loved this movie!

  35. I’m going nuts trying to find my favorite movie from childhood “The Richest Cat In the World”. Does ANYONE know where I can get it? I’ll even buy it from someone on VHS!!!

  36. okay i had a little girl born in 06 and i used to have every disney movie ever made and something bad happend and i lost every one of them and now im in the process of buying every disney movie again and it is so hard to find so they could still make a lot of money off of us and i dont really understand why they have to lock the movies up in a vault

  37. I to am looking for The richest cat in the world. It was one of my favorites and I would so love for my kids to watch it also. If anyone can help me with getting a copy of it I would be ever so greatful. I would prefer it on DVD but I will take VHS as long as it is in good condition. PLEASE!!!!
    Thank you.

  38. If you go to youtube and search the b.r.a.t. patrol you’ll find the whole movie in 9 parts. Its pretty easy to dowmload it and burn it. The quality isnt great but until disney releases it awsome to be able to watch it again.

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