Professional Park DVDs

I’m a big fan of "fan-made" video of the Disney parks. When I’m getting excited about an upcoming trip, there’s nothing I like better than watching footage of the shows and attractions I’ll be seeing soon! So, I’ve ended up purchasing lots of "home movies" of other Disney fans, and I’ve seen all kinds of quality. Since I shoot a lot of video when I visit the parks, I know how difficult it can be to get steady shots, various angles, acceptable lighting, and all the other things you need if you’re going to edit together a nice memory of an experience. So I can definitely say that these amazing DVDs produced by TeeVee (usually available from his seller page on eBay) are the absolute best of the bunch, and they feature the Disney parks that most fans haven’t had a chance to visit: Tokyo DisneySea and Disneyland Paris!

Everything about these DVDs is professional – they have excellent packaging and graphics, beautiful titles and menus, and all of the footage is presented with music where appropriate. For example, Disney actually wrote a theme song for each of the lands in Tokyo DisneySea (the songs are really entertaining – I wish there were theme songs for each land in Disneyland!), so the DVD uses the land theme song while it shows off the atmosphere of each land. There is plenty of ride video, of course, which usually uses the live sound of the attraction. My favorite thing about these DVDs is the attention to Imagineering detail (which is plentiful at both of these parks). For example, during a pan across Main Street in Disneyland Paris, you may find yourself thinking "I wish I could see a close-up of that sign." Nine times out a ten, the shot you wanted to see is just around the corner! There are even slide shows included with photos of park maps and tickets, which really completes a true feel for each park.

If you’ve visited these parks, you’ll love seeing them again (I’ve been to Tokyo DisneySea and really enjoyed the DVD), and if you haven’t been to these international parks yet, these DVDs will certainly make you consider going! In the meantime, take a look at the QuickTime trailers for both of these DVDs: Tokyo DisneySea and Disneyland Paris.