Character Meal Attire

If you visit the Disney parks as often as I do, you know that character meals are a lot of fun! For those who don’t know, at a character meal, various Disney characters make their way around the restaurant while you eat, making sure to stop by each table and give everyone hugs and photo opportunities. Quite often this is the best way to get some "quality time" with the characters, away from the rush of the park.

Recently I discovered that you can have some unique interaction with the characters based on what you wear! When my parents and I ate at the Liberty Tree Tavern in the Magic Kingdom, we all wore shirts with Mickey and Minnie on them. When Minnie came by our table, she was really excited to see herself and Mickey on our shirts – it was really cute to see her jump for joy! (I think she made an extra trip to see us and our shirts again, too.) At the Garden Grill at Epcot, my dad happened to be wearing a plaid shirt when Farmer Mickey (who wears a plaid shirt and overalls) came strolling by. Mickey immediately noticed the plaid, pointing back and forth between shirts and even feeling the material like he was studying it. So, when you’re getting ready for that character meal, think about what characters will be there and dress accordingly!

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  1. I love eating at Ariel’s Grotto in DCA. The characters are fun and I always have a great time. I went with my brother a month ago and he was wearing his ipod headphones. Chip snuck up behind him and then grabbed the right headphone and started listening to the music and dancing. :)

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