Eisner’s Bonus for 2004 questioned

SaveDisney.com has issued a statement regarding the Disney board’s decision to award CEO Michael Eisner a 7.4 million dollar bonus.

"Clifford A. Miller, a spokesman for Roy E. Disney and Stanley Gold,
stated that: "Improving corporate governance at the Disney Company is
evidently a case of two steps forward, one step back. While the
company’s recent financial results have been encouraging, they still
are only at 1997 levels. The board’s decision to award Michael Eisner a
$7.2 million bonus the same year he received a 45 percent no-confidence
vote from his shareholders flies in the face of both logic and
propriety. However, the real issue is not about the bonus but whether
or not Mr. Eisner will be at the company after June 2005. We remain
convinced that the sooner Mr. Eisner is replaced as CEO, the better off
the company and its shareholders will be, and we are counting on the
board to keep its promise that it will do so with dispatch."