A few moments with Pixar’s Craig Good

My job is to finish and polish the camera moves once the shots enter
Animation. I also do lots of tweaks for Editorial, making sure that the
compositions work in context to help direct your eye to the right part
of the screen. Now on
Cars I’m also being the Focus Puller — meaning that I set the depth of field for each shot.

In an interview with National Review Online’s Peter Robinson, Pixar’s Craig Good, an NRO reader, shares a few tricks of the trade. Good was there from the start when Pixar was still a part of Lucasfilm.

We don’t make movies for kids. We make movies for adults, actually
ourselves, and then just make sure there’s nothing in them that the
little ones shouldn’t see. The local cineplex is littered with movies
made by studios who want to second-guess what the audience wants. We
find we get better results by making what we want, and then assuming
that there are other people like us out there.

Lot’s more good stuff at NRO. (via)