Disney Marathon – Jan 9th

The Walt Disney World marathon is approaching quickly. On January 9th 2005 thousands of crazy folk will run 26.2 miles through the swampland that the Disney World Resort is built upon. Of course (pun intended), part of the allure of the course is that it winds through the 4 themeparks.

1HickRunning26 is the blog of Justin as he prepares for his first marathon which he has scheduled for Disney World. Somewhat less creatively named is Rachel’s Marathon Blog, she’s also blogging her training for the 2005 Disney Marathon. They both might want to read Chris’s diary about preparing for then running in last years Disney World Marathon.

Other Disney Marathon Diaries:

Ms M’s Memoirs (who has raised $4500 for the charity run – way to go!)
Sweaty Chicks (starting a diary for the 2006 Disney Marathon)

Best of luck to everyone who is participating!

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