50 years of Souvenirs

I just found two great sites that cover the last 50 years of amazing souvenirs from Disneyland. If I had the dough I’d buy all this stuff as often as it came up on eBay.

First is MouseMaps (featured yesterday on TDB: Kid’s World) which has images from most of the Disneyland park maps. Starting with Sam McKim’s excellent 1958 map and continuing through the 2001 version, MouseMaps is like a walk through the parks history. Don’t miss the 1995 error version. It’s a hoot.

1955_frontierland_boardNext up is 50 Years of Souvenirs an incredible journey through the park’s past through the lens of consumer products. I love the Frontierland Game from 1995 (board pictured at right); the Adventureland Game from 1956; and  the Haunted Mansion Secret Panel Chest from 1969. There’s lots more treasure to be found on this website.

One final mention, the it’s a small world game from 1967. The board features a weird layout and the lost Tower of the Four Winds so amazingly designed by Imagineer Rolly Crump. Why don’t they rerelease these games for todays youth and their nostalgic parents?

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  1. Fifty years of Disneyland souvenirs

    Fifty Years of Disneyland Souvenirs features pictures and commentary on Disneyland souvenirs from 1955 to the current day, grouped by year.


    (via The Disney Blog)

    (Via Boing Boing.)

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