Kid’s World

Tdbkwlogo100w2_2I’m very pleased to announce a new web log in The Disney Blog family. The Disney Blog: Kid’s World is intended to be web log for all fans of Walt Disney, The Disney Company, and all its many parts. Written especially for today’s kids, The Disney Blog: Kid’s
will highlight much of the Disney releated fun and games and
other great stuff that can be found on the internet. Using the theories
behind Walt Disney’s family oriented entertainment and edutainment,
this blog is intended to be a safe read for the whole family.

I look forward to writing many great new stories for the new web log. I hope you enjoy reading them too.

2 thoughts on “Kid’s World”

  1. Was this blog, “The Disney Blog”, ever not a safe read for the whole family? I don’t remember any “adults only” topics being posted on this blog, and I was assuming that such topics would be against the blog’s rules anyway.

  2. Well that’s true. The Disney Blog is definately PG-13 rated. I do believe that audience will be slightly different for each. There will be plenty of overlap, but that’s fine. TDB: Kid’s World is more activity based and the voice is more PBS while The Disney Blog’s voice is more NPR. Hope you enjoy both.

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