Wanna be a Star?

Wanna be a star? How about a theme park performer? Well then get those dancing shoes on cause Disneyland is having auditions for its Aladdin Stage show. Follow that link or call (800) 766-0888 for more details.

15 thoughts on “Wanna be a Star?”

  1. I always wanna be a star, when I’m in a esenary I know what to do, and I feel good’
    I’m good singing and acting.
    when I’m in fron of all acting or singing I feel like that I can do everithing I want and

  2. I am a professional singer, i sang at weddings, shows, concerts. I love to sing and I know I have a great voice. Singing is my passion, and also acting and dancing. I acted in plays and danced in fashion shows.

  3. I love singing. I sang at shows, concerts, even when I whent to Cuba, I sang there and I got a stannding ovation. I also live to dance and act. I am in the school play and in the school talent show. Singing is my passion, and I know i`m good at it.

  4. i awalys wanted to be on the disneychannel, i can act and dance. my stronger point is dancing. i 14 and i very wonderful person, people just love to be a round me. i hope someones knows something about well something..lol.. i know i just like the many other people hoping to become stars.lol.anyway if you knew me you would no thats wroung . and that im different , but u know u guys just think im one of them and right now i cant prove you wroung..so pleaz help me.

  5. i can act sing and dance and my friends and i are ready for the big time trust us itll be worth your while

  6. I wanted to be a disneychannel star i a perfect actor and as well as a comedian i’m very funny and I can also sing and dance but acting comes first

  7. I would love to be a star cause ever sinc i was a little girl i love to act and be funny.My mom have always told me that i have so much energy that i should be trying to get myself out there. I wanted though cause i wanted to make sure that i could handul every thing that may be shown to me. I love to have fun and play and jest have great people that i can have very good conversaions with. this is want is to be a star

  8. disney is just the most magical place ever.
    to be a star is just the coolest thing ever.
    to have them both …


  9. I want to be a star becoz i learned how to sing at the age of 1!Vannessa really was my idol and plus she is my cozin.She supported me any way she could. Peace to zac and vannessa

  10. i Just Love Performing ….
    Tap , BALLET! , JazZ , Modern ,
    I Just loVE Performing :)
    Well…. You Have To Try HaRd To Get What u Want And Thats What i Am DOing And I Am Just GOing To CaRRy On Working So! Hard For My Dream .. Because So Many Children Want This…. (To Mkae It!) And You Have To Stand Out And Shine To Do It!
    So EveryOne Just Try Your Best And Good Luck :) x

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