500 Posts

Went right by my 500th post this week and was too busy at the convention to even notice. However, I did want to stop and take the time to thank everyone who has helped me make this blog a better place. First and foremost, Doobie and Rebekah from LaughingPlace.com have been great inspiration and help. Second, my wife Stacey for putting up with my sometimes long hours on the computer and for being strong while I’m job hunting here in Orlando.

Also a big thanks goes out to the tipsters for all the leads, Cory Doctorow at BoingBoing.net, and to all the cast members and employees, past and present, that have helped make the magic at the Walt Disney Company. Finally, a thanks goes out to my growing readership. I appreciate your support. Thank you.

My plans are to keep this weblog going as long as I can and continue to share my love for the Disney product as best I can. The next 500 posts should only get better.