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ABC Apologizes for Steamy NFL Intro

ABC appears to have crossed the line with their introduction to this weeks Monday Night Football game. Apparently, the promotion for the ABC hit Desperate Housewives featured a naked Nicollette Sheridan jumping into the arms of the NFL Eagle’s Terrell Owens. ABC executives have since issued an apology. Anybody have a clip? I wouldn’t mind judging this one for myself.

2 thoughts on “ABC Apologizes for Steamy NFL Intro”

  1. ABC executives apologize? For what? Their gross stupidity? This is truly incredible, especially so soon after the “Saving Private Ryan” debacle. ABC and Disney executives don’t live in a world that recognizes phrases like public interest or common sense. Their interest is only peaked by words like sleazy, bottom line, higher ratings. The least they could have done was plan the event so they could have conjured up an excuse like, “Oops, it must have been a wardrobe malfunction!”

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