Disneyland Korea?

Apparently The Walt Disney Company feels the Asia market is vastly untapped. Talks have been under way to build a new Disney Themepark in South Korea. With a park in Hong Kong under construction, Two parks in Tokyo, and talks about a park near Shanghai, Disney looks to make their themeparks as ubiquitous as the movie theatre. Still, we get no news about South America or Australia. Hmmm. (via)

3 thoughts on “Disneyland Korea?”

  1. Another theme park? Not only Tokyo but Hong Kong AND Seoul? Does East Asia really need all these parks?

    I heard that there is now a lot of anti-American sentiment in South Korea due to the continuing crisis with North Korea. How is a Disney theme park ever to survive in that climate?

  2. Anti-American sentiment is not really that big of a deal. The media makes is seem greater than it really is…I am a Korean-American living in Korea…and I don’t look at all Korean. Trust me…out of five years…I only had ONE anti-American experience. The way the media portrays it…one would think it’s something Americans have to battle everyday…not the case.

  3. Hello blogers, Im here to say that if The walt Disney Company build a Disneyland in Souel, South Korea it will be a good investment for both the Walt Disney Company and for the people of South
    korea. It will bring thousands of new jobs, and more tax revenue for the economy of the people of South Korea.

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