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Discord in Union Settlement

Got an email this morning saying that not all was well with the negotiations. Now the Orlando Sentinel has the same story. Apparently two of the six unions involved in the current negotiations were left out of the final session where a compromise was reached. Feeling put out, they’re not yet willing to recommend that their members approve the lastest agreement.

Without being privy to the exact contract details, it stikes me that the employees are getting a decent deal here. The unions preserved the pension fund and upped the guaranteed hours for full time employees (to 32/wk). So if your a regular full time status, then you should be able to pull in the extra hours to cover your increased healthcare costs.

Disney will continue to try and efficiently use their labor force to save money. But there are signs on the west coast that attention is being given to bringing back that cast is family feeling. Let’s hope it spreads east.

1 thought on “Discord in Union Settlement”

  1. Dag-nabbit! Is there going to be a strike during my vaction or what?!?! :) This reminds me of a car accident I was in in the mid-90s. It was a very icy January day and everyone was going very slowly. I hit a patch of ice, though, and anything beyond “stop” was too fast. I oh-so-slowly slid into the path of a minivan that oh-so-slowly slid into me. All we could do is watch as everything happened in slooooow motion. (Ok, we probably could have gotten out of the vehicles in the time we had, but, luckily, since it was so slow, there was very little damage.)

    Seriously, though, I hope they can get this straightened out. I know how tough these things can be to live through.

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