Disneyland Ups APs

LaughingPlace.com reports that Disneyland has raised the prices of most of their Annual Passports. Here are the current prices: Southern California Select – $99 (no change). Southern California $149 (up $20). Deluxe – $209 (up $30). Premium – $329 (up $50). This is the second raise in less than a year. There is speculation that the current park management believes there are too many Annual Passholders for the park to support. So they hope that continually raising the prices will shorten the demand for the product until a balance is achieved. The only problem is that everytime the prices go up more people buy them.

At $329 the Premium Pass has no blackout days, offers great discounts, and includes free parking. If you plan to visit the Disneyland Resort for more than 7 days of the next 365 it’s still an incredible deal. So you can see why people are snatching them up everytime the news reports on them.

My own personal feelings are that rather than try to cut down the numbers of APs they should additional more product along the lines that APs are likely to spend money on. Sit down restaurants, exclusive merchandise, after hours parties, etc. Make your most devoted fan base work for you instead of antagonizing them.