Can’t promise anything…

… but this is possibly the last post regarding hurricane’s and Disney World for the season. The fine folks at the hurricane prediction center say there is less than a 33% chance that another big storm will make landfall this season and an even smaller chance it will hit florida, let alone the Orlando area. (Famous last words, I know.) I certainly hope that’s the case, because I’m moving to the Orlando area this month. (Looking for work too, if anyone has any pointers.)

Kevin Yee has posted his take (with photos) of the damage done to the resort by Jeanne and her two cohorts. He includes a little more details on the damage done to ‘The Living Seas’ pavillion at Epcot. Kevin also points out some of the damage to local non-disney hotels, some so serious they’ve closed down completely. If you have a reservation at the Hotel Royal Plaza, you will need to reschedule for somewhere else.

Finally, WDWMagic is reporting that the Honey I Shrunk The Kids movie set is down for repairs due to damage from Hurricane Jeanne. No reopening date is set.