Board to Disney, butt out!

Board thumbs nose at Roy E Disney and and says all looks sunny from where we’re sitting. At this point I have to wonder if anyone on the Disney Board of Directors even cares what SaveDisney has to say. This whole affair is beginning to remind me of the Presidential Election. Both sides are so far apart, they look at an Orange, one side calls it round the other side calls it ripe, then both sides accuse the others of lying and falsifying the evidence. Both sides claim to have the shareholders best interests in mind, but neither will admit the other shares their interest. It’s getting very frustrating even to follow in the media.

Roy did appear to get two concessions from the board, however. One, they will hire an outside executive search firm (so polish up that resume Doobie) and two they plan to announce the replacement by June of 05. I’m fairly sure that the folks at SaveDisney will not be satisfied by this. has said their next step will be to propose and try to elect an alternate slate of board members at the next shareholder meeting. Let’s just hope they don’t use rigged election machines there too.