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Star Wars 7,8,9?

This is slightly off topic. Except for wondering when the Star Tours attraction film will be updated, there really is little way of sliding Star Wars in under the Disney banner. That said, here’s an interesting interview with Mark Hamill, yes Luke Skywalker himself, where he talks about episodes 7, 8, and 9. The third trilogy. George Lucas has said he’s not interested in filming these, but he obviously had plans to at one time.

346 thoughts on “Star Wars 7,8,9?”

  1. I think Star wars 7,8,9 would be a great thing, how could it be bad, it’s just more star wars, wich is good right?

  2. I think Star wars 7,8,9 would be a great thing, how could it be bad, it’s just more star wars, wich is good right?

  3. Star Wars movies are tha best, i don’t care if they go all the way down to 30 episodes!! Y’all just go ahead and make them episodes, i can’t hardly wait!!

    Greetzz from Zwolle (Holland)

  4. The Sequel Trilogy already has titles.


  5. The Sequel Trilogy already has titles?
    Well, maybe they do in early script plots, but as with all early drafts and plots writen by George Lucas, they all have been changed, both in titles and scripts, so if the third trilogy will be made later, then they will come out with other changed titles. Episode I was first called ‘The Ways of the Force’, and Episode II ´was called ‘Crusaders of the Republic’ and everyone knows by now that they have other names, and so will it also be with Episode 7-9, so they DON’T have a 100% true title yet! And finaly I think that George Lucas will make Episode 7-9, but he will first make some other movies (Indy 4) for some years, then he will chock us all with a new trilogy! Don’t underestimate the power of the force! :-) / Greetings from MASTER

  6. George Lucas says he isn’t making any more. I read the story lines for ‘episodes 7, 8 and 9’ and they were SO fake.

  7. yes… they seemed pretty fake, although, i only read the first… just in case. in a way i hope they dont make more, because it could turn into star trek. but also, 789 would be exciting.

  8. yes… they seemed pretty fake, although, i only read the first… just in case. in a way i hope they dont make more, because it could turn into star trek. but also, 789 would be exciting.

  9. well, i liked the 7th and 8th partial plots, but not the last. I understand that it eventually needs to end, but i think it would be better if he actually didnt end the story, just left it as a continued possibility, then just not make any more. I think the whole black hole gun thing is kinda dumb especially since it can destroy the dark force? isnt the force in everything, that keeps it balanced? if u destroyed one half wouldnt the other collapse? but w/e i probably just thinking to much into it, plus i have been p for going on 60 hours w/o sleep lol.

  10. I don’t know if the titles are right but off course there are titles for 7,8,9. All of the star wars movies are based on a written series of like thirty something books. Lucas liked Dart Vader and decided to focus on him = 4,5,6. Then fans were groveling and begging for the prequel.. who is Vader? = 1,2,3. He said originally he planned on a total of nine movies but decided to continue to focus on Vader. Recently though, it’s been rumored he has thoughts of continuing to show how the galaxy was rebuilt after the fall of D.V. = 7,8,9.

  11. Nothing on is real. LucasFims had that site shut down once all ready. As of right now Lucas says there will be no 7,8, or 9. But who really knows.
    Plus if they were real scripts they wouldn’t be on an internet site and the titles wouldn’t be announced.

    It would be a huge lawsuit and you would have heard about that.
    Please, you guys have to be smart than this.

  12. All you people who say there will be no Episode VII,VIII,IX are full of it! Because Star Wars is to popular right now to just end at Episode III. There would be protests and angry riots right at Skywalker Ranch and right up GL’s Alley(if you know what I mean). NO..NO…NO there is going to be 2 more STAR WARS TRILOGIES. STAR WARS: EPISODE VII-THE FALLEN HERO, STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII-THE REPUBLIC IN CRISIS, STAR WARS: EPISODE IX-VICTORY OF THE FORCE, STAR WARS: EPISODE X,XI,XII(after GL dies maybe in 30 years). There is going to be more GL is lying Mark Hamill already spoke at the STAR WARS TRILOGY dvd convention of Episode VII,VIII,IX. NDAs were signed my Lucasfilm and ILM employees, Peter Mayhew(Chewbacca) contract said he would be required to return for 7,8,9. So its all going to happen and that will be the end of it.

  13. you guys want the truth? i cant say much publicly. im going to be private on this subject. ive worked hard to get this info. its 5 am and i havent gone to bed yet.
    7-9 are coming and i’v got the address for episode 7 pis and sreenshots. curious? contact me at [email protected]

  14. I love Star Wars!!! I hope George Lucas will surprise us all!! If 7, 8 and 9 already have titles, so is it impossible to film them? (Ive heard there is book about episode 7 too)

  15. Look i am only 14 and thinking that there would be no more star wars for the rest of my life is terrible 7,8 9 would be the greatest idea ever!George Lucas don’t let me down!

  16. I read the script, or what people believe it is the script for the trilogy of 7,8,9. From what I could make out the script is a fake. In episode 8 for instance, Luke is married to another Jedi by the name of Mara Jade. In the same episode Ben (luke’s son) has a girfriend who is also a Jedi…Since when are Jedi allowed to get married and have children? I don’t think this is real. If it is I will be really dissapointed.

  17. Mysteirous stranger

    actually, if you recall in games like dark forces, and in other star wars books, there was a jedi by the name of mara jade. SHe and luke had a thing going, but she turned to the dark side. I think luke ended up having to kill her if i remember right. (if u dont believe me, check out a bunch of star wars games like galactic battlegrounds, dark forces series, etc.) there is a quote at the begining of dark forces especially that spoke of her and had a cutscene of her and kyle training. Yeah, there is a chick named mara jade.

  18. Please make 7,8,and 9 they well be the best movies ever I know because you have a great mind for fantisy stuff!!!

    Please don’t let me down

  19. Luke did not kill Mara jade! He married her and they had a son who they named Ben (and he is only a toddler so he dosen’t have a girlfriend) Just read the New Jedi Order book series.

    I really do hope they make a VII-VIII-IX. I have been looking all over for more info about it.



    12 STAR WARS movies there are all together.


  21. I was just on Supershadow, and it looks like if EpisodeIII is the largest film of 2005 then George Lucas will consider doing StarWars VII-VIII-IX, which means that everyone should go out and see EpisodeIII again! I just wonder if everything goes as planned, how long will we have to wait until they finally make VII VIII IX?

  22. mysterious stranger

    considering that we expected episide 3 to come out sometime in 2004 after episode 1 came out…not anytime soon. he would have to consider the script, revise it, find actors, set up a bunch of crap to get ready for the filming, film it, and then go through a bunch of legal junk. But hey, we can wait. I wonder if he will get someone to act out Kyle Katarn?

    But im pretty sure that he will come out with more movies. The only thing i am worried about is GL closing up the free end of the trillogy. I mean, if he completely wraps up star wars, then how will be able to keep publishing all this cool stuff we think happened after the movie? plus can we come up with some evil dark enemies as evil and as corrupt as darth vader and the imperials?

  23. I want him to make as many StarWars movies as he can (without killing the story!) and possibly leave room for more novels-New Jedi Order book series! although it would also be cool to know that StarWars has finally come to its glorious finally. The finally will be so awesome, the last movie will probably be the largest movie seen in the history of StarWars movies and posibbly all movies. Even the cridicts who say that making another trillogy is going to kill the story and all that stuff are probably going to be their to see EpisodeIX or (and I doubt it)EpisodeXII.

    They should end las the StarWars movie with something spectacular, something that says to all StarWars fans thank you for supporting us, something tells everyone that it took sometime but they finally finished, or they should leave a little space for people to continue with StarWars in Novels and stuff like that. No doubt StarWars will prove the cridicts wrong.

  24. As for the books of 7, 8, and 9 I don’t know that there are books out yet of that part of the timeline, you might be able to find them, and if you do more power to ya. But I do know that you can find the original plot script for 7 8 and 9 on You might also do a search of your local library computers (if they aren’t to out dated) I know it sounds geeky, but it works!

  25. i want to know why ep. 7 would be called “THE FALLEN HERO”, luke doesnt die, no one important dies, except darth vader…and also i would like to say ep 3 was the best movie i have ever seen and will ever see if 7-9 dont comeout.

  26. I don’t think Lucas would have ever made 1,2,&3 if not for Titantic taking away the Starwars blockbuster title for highest grossing movie of all time. Lucas is an ego maniac… someday when we have all lost our love for lucas and he is out of the spotlight he will give in to the dark side and complete ep7,8,& 9… it is his destiny!

  27. Jag-X, in California

    I can’t imagine why some of you don’t like the thought of another trilogy. I on the other hand would think it would great if StarWars could take back its rightful claim as the all time #1 Blockbuster ever. I also don’t understand why the clock that posts what time we posted stuff is so mixed up. I mean it’s not that time overhere in California when I posted my comments last night.

  28. Jag-X, in California

    Hey I have come up with a minor thought. What if Supershadow is just a con just to get all of our hopes up? I mean if you’ll notice alot of things on supershadow does kind of sound a little to good to be true. I do hope Lucas does an episode 7 8 9 but you probably won’t be able to find any information about it on Supershadow.

  29. I’m so glad I saw the light before I totally went down the path to the Darkside. That super shadow is such a lier!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You cant even find his website anymore and as Cory said it best He got Busted!!!!!!!! Man I’m so glad I beleived in the Lightside of the Force (or just common instinct) and relized that he was a con before he sucked me into his evil ways and I became DARTH Jag-X (hey thats kinda ketchy, maybe I will come up with a name that has DARTH in it or maybe I will keep to the same classic name I have) Suggestions are Welcome!!!!!!!

  30. The reason why EPISODE VII is called,”THE FALLEN HERO” is because the Dark Jedi build a clone of Darth Vader in honor of the their fallen hero the real Darth Vader. The Dark Jedi are corrupt and want to destroy any peach and harmoney that the Jedi Knights want to create in the new Jedi order.

  31. Seriously, SuperShadow is a compulsive liar. He’s been doing this for years now. Any Star Wars fans avoids his site, period. He occassionally copies spoilers from and makes it look like he got the info first, but usually he just makes stuff up like his “friendship” with George Lucas and this so-called “sequel trilogy”.

    If you want the REAL scoop on the sequel trilogy, you need look no further than an interview with Gary Kurtz circa 1999.

    When the sequel trilogy was planned, Empire wasn’t yet finished. Vader was not yet written to be Luke’s father, and Leia was not yet Luke’s sister. Vader was just a villain and Leia was just a princess. When Lucas sketched out his ideas for sequel AND prequel trilogies, that is how the story stood. Therefore, according to producer Gary Kurtz, this is how the saga was laid out at that time:

    EPISODE 1: Was to focus on the origins of the Jedi Knights and how they are initiated and trained
    EPISODE 2: Introduction and development of Obi-Wan Kenobi
    EPISODE 3: Introduction and life of Vader
    EPISODE 4: There were seven different drafts of the film. At one point, they pursued buying the rights to Hidden Fortress because of the strong similarities. At one point, Luke was a female, Han was Luke’s brother,
    Luke’s father was the one in prison (interesting point for some debates) and the film featured 40 wookies
    EPISODE 5: Once written, the screenplay of Empire is almost exactly what is seen on screen. The only cut scenes were those involving wampas in the rebel
    base (cut because of time and unsolved technical glitches) and about two minutes of Luke/Yoda Jedi training with no real dialog.
    EPISODE 6: Leia was to be elected “Queen of her people” leaving her isolated. Han was to die. Luke confronted Vader and went on with his life alone. Leia was not to be Luke’s sister.
    EPISODE 7: Third trilogy was to focus on Luke’s life as a Jedi, with very few details planned out.
    EPISODE 8: Luke’s sister (not Leia) appears from another part of the galaxy.
    EPISODE 9: First appearance of the Emperor.
    -Interview with Gary Kurtz, May 26 1999

    So there you have it. As everybody knows, the sister concept and the Leia concept were pushed ahead into Return Of The Jedi. Therefore, the sequel trilogy as sketched out…you’ve basically already seen it. It’s called Return Of The Jedi.

    SuperShadow? Well, I’ll believe he’s real when someone walks into a WallMart and buys one of his “alien documentaries” and sends me one. After all, he claims you can find them anywhere. Go ahead, check on eBay and You won’t find them. They’re not real, and neither is anything else he claims.

    the end.

  32. no matter what you say Mike, STAR WARS: EPISODE VII will be titled,”THE FALLEN HERO.” Lucas has stated this.

  33. I wonder (and hope) StarWars Episode III takes not only the 2005 box office #1 but the all time movie Gross and dethrone Titanic from a title that rightly belongs to StarWars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. I cant believe that there is going to be another trilogy it is my life long dream. I cant wait!
    By the way Ep III was the best!

  35. We’ll see Roger we don’t exactly know if their going to do another trilogy (although everyone wants them to, and so do I) but don’t get your hopes to high or you might just be that much more disapointed.

  36. I can’t believe you people actually think SuperShadow is telling the truth. Once and hopefully for all SuperShadow is a liar and a fake. And the books don’t count, only the movies do. I get so tired of this there were 30 books or there were 12 books crap. There was one screenplay that was too big for one movie so after the success of Star Wars (before it was called A New Hope kiddies) he made two sequels. He then went back and filled in the backstory with the prequels. Lucas has boasted that it was twelve episodes or also a trilogy of trilogies but these “books” don’t exist until Lucas writes the screenplay and then has it adapted into book form. There will be no more Star Wars films while Lucas is alive. Deal with it and move on. Sorry for the rant I just hate to see stupid people spreading false information and making everyone dumber for it.

  37. Okay, a few things. First, I loved Episode III. Second, I’m really interested in reading the books, but there are quite a few and I don’t know where to start. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Third, Go Yoda! Okay, sorry if none of that made sense, but I would still like some advice about the books. :D

  38. Ya konw if you should probably start with the Youg jedi Knight series (I know it sound Childish but it sheads alot of light on the older Solo Children) then read the Junior Jedi Knight series(again, I know it sounds Childish but again, it sheads light on the younger Solo child Anakin Solo,) Then read The New Jedi Order Series I recomend that series to all StarWars fans, I t has a list of alot of the books written in StarWars timeline fashion. Be shure to read The New Jedi Order series in order.

  39. We all realize SuperShadow is fake and if any of you still think he is genuine then I’m sorry to point out that you will be in for a big disapointment.

  40. Oh, okay. Thanks a ton for that. Now I can have something to do during the summer. Thanks again!

  41. Read ANY Star Wars book written by Timothy Zahn. They were all fantastic, especially the so-called “Thrawn Trilogy”. They’re actually the books that are credited with re-sparking interest in Star Wars in the early 90’s.

  42. When will it be common knowledge that the trilogy of trilogies known as STAR WARS is NOT about the Jedi, Sith, Anakin, Vader, or any other “big name”. It boils down to the constant and often unbelievable heroics of a small astromech droid by the name of R2-D2.

    THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!

  43. That’s actually somewhat true. Back in the day, Lucas used to say, “The only characters in all three trilogies are the droids”. And clearly by R2 retaining his memory in Episode III, he wanted to be somewhat true to that. (Hope I didn’t spoil anything there.)

  44. Stalking Fans and the media should just leave George alone!! If he decides to make anymore Star Wars, then fine…But…Please, Leave it up to him…If he wants to make changes to any of his movie, he is entitled to it. Please Remember this fans..Let him be! Is this too much to ask? How would you like it, if people wanted you to work the third shift at a convenient store in say, “the worse section of town?” They kept hounding you and hounding you, following you everywhere until you gave in! Does this sound like you’d like it? Let’s not forget, your pay would be what every third shift employer would make, which is next to nothing..but the masses would come, chanting WORK THERE…WORK THERE….Over and over, creeping around every corner, while wearing the convenient store uniforms.. So I say once again, “LEAVE GEORGE LUCAS ALONE!!!!!”

  45. Ya know I beleive you have a piont but you don’t see any of us stalking George Lucas or leaving pathetic phone calls in the middle of the night. The people who do do that are a bunch of overly eat sleep and breath StarWars fan who don’t have a life and sit at home searchin any website that even has the word StarWars attached to it, unlike me who does this in some of the freetime I have. I only have 2 StarWars posters, 3 StarWars action figures, I have read a grip of StarWars novels ( but again on my free time and I have not read one in a year and a half). No Luke I’am your Father-May the Force be with you-I made a deal that will keep the Empire out of hear forever-He is to old-Luke you have turned off your targeting computer, is everything alright-So, you have a sister-No, I am a Jedi like my father before me-Luke let me look upon you with my own eyes-3k421-He’s no good to me alive-That is a name I haven’t haerd in along time.

    Name the character, and May the Force be with you!

  46. oops I meant to say..

    Name the character “Who said the phrase” and May The Force Be With You!

  47. i would love to see a 7,8 and 9 but i read the scripts and hated them. like how some wannabe dark jedi wearing vader mask’s clone luke and vader and how the darkside is destroyed ,it’s gay. i think instead of some clan of darkjedi a new sithlord should arise without the knowing of the jedi and warfare is going on before epiode 7. and just other eliments of the plot i didn’t like they should rewrite the scripts compleatly change the storyline.

  48. Don’t worry, that script you read is not real, it’s what’s called fan fiction.
    Lucas has not written a script for 7, 8 or 9 although he does have story notes on them.

  49. If you found the scripts on SuperShadow then I hate to disapoint you but they are con artist (poorly stupid at that) Even I fell for their lies until I relized what a scam they really are!!!!!!!!!

  50. It’s funny that anybody would believe George Lucas would have written those scripts. Surely a man such as George Lucas has a spellcheck/grammarcheck on his computer. So it’s strange that those stories credited to him on SuperShadow’s site are full of such errors.

    I still want somebody to find one of SuperShadow’s UFO videos for sale at Walmart. When I see one of those, I’ll believe anything.

  51. I think maybe someone else should do 7,8 and 9 i mean i liked episode 3 but i thout 1 and 2 was poorly done, 4,5 and 6 are the best but lucas even sed he was done with the series. so perhaps a new directerwith a good vison for starwars should make them, but hell maybe gorge will make 7,8 and 9 and they will turn out to be the best starwars yet.

  52. The thing about another director doing 7, 8 and 9 is that Lucas would have to still write and supervise them. And he’s getting older. The last trilogy took 11 years to complete (he started writing in 1994).

  53. after the first three came out GL was asked how many movies he wanted to make he said nine i think he will eventually make 7 8 and 9 but right now he is said to be making a tv series having to do with 3 and 4.. but as long as his health stays up i think well see three more (hopefully) even if he writes the screenplays and he is unable(to old) to direct them i think lucasfilms will have them made into movies i mean they are a multibillion dollar company why not make 3 more the only problem would be finding the right people to play luke leia and han

    and that cloning idea about darth vader is really dumb because why would the dark jedi clone him if he killed the emporer

  54. Another reason I don’t think we’ll ever see the third trilogy is that the story is now over. “The circle is complete”. His original ideas for the third trilogy (Luke discovering he has a sister, Luke confronting the Emperor) have already been used up. I would say don’t hope too hard for a third trilogy. Instead, pin your hopes on the so-called “Episode 0” that everybody’s talking about right now.

  55. You know what?! He may have used his original ideas up for the third trilogy but what I have been discovering is that in the first trilogy (IV, V, and VI) there are more abilities available to the Jedi than the second trilogy. In Stars Wars III (I don’t mean to spoil the movie in any way) Yoda tells Obe Wan Kenobi to go back in to training, so imagine this, there are many powers still that have not been discovered by the Jedi. This is just a theory by me, so it’s not necessarily true, that for the third trilogy, the Dark Jedi has advanced further with these powers and now the Jedi must overcome this. Also, Princess Leia hasn’t even used her Jedi powers yet, except once when she sensed that her brother Luke was in trouble just like when Yoda felt the Jedi in Star Wars III in trouble.

    I’m confused about the Clones. Sideous gave them a command to turn against the Jedi but how did he have this command at hand?!

  56. I agree I don’t see how a democratic government would really let one guy control a whole army the Sidious did, and would you really let someone govern you who had a face like his the senate had to be retardeed not to know that something was up. I agree on the whole deal with 7 8 9.

    I understand Palpatine has the powers of the Dark side but come on!!!

  57. A democratic goverment wold let sidious have full power becaus all of the senetors are retarded and on crack

  58. and SuperShadow Is so Fake ther is not a pic of GL on the whol webpage and all the pics of skywalker ranch are from on a ture. and if u read the history of the sith/jedi u will realize that crap is fake. he says in ther about a yellow light saber B.S. and the Screan plays are totaly fake. jsut read over the whol thing

  59. allso i dont think ther is any difrence betwen dark jedi and sith’s ….. sith’s are jedi that want more power insted of peace. sounds like a dark jedi and sith are same

  60. I’m not sure as to what GL really hs planned for the future. But as far as episodes 7,8, & 9, GL told Time magazine that there is no episodes 7,8, & 9. Even if another director wanted to do the movies they won’t be made. As far as telling stories about other characters that is definitly going to happen at least with the TV series that is coming out. Movies?…I think there might be a few more but they won’t be about the original characters. GL has already used characters from the books and comics in the movies (General Grevious, Ayala Secura…) so he is interested in other story lines with other characters.

  61. Technical correction: Greivous is George’s character. He allowed this character to be used in books and comics to promote the new Episode III baddie. Kinda like how Boba Fett was in the Star Wars Holiday Special. It was just done to promote the new bad guy in advance of the movie.

    He did, however, mention Quinlan Vos in Episode III, and Dash Rendar’s Outrider appears in Episode IV. So there are lots of EU appearances.

  62. yeah i love star wars hope the next ones do come out i hope more jedi appear in them two. May the force b with u all. I know the dark side is wit me and ull all need it to defeat me.

  63. Ya right…

    I don’t need the Darkside… Come to think of it I don’t even need the Force I just need a green Lightsaber and thats pretty much it, the fact that I do have the “Lightside” of the Force is just a bonus.

    Episode 7 8 9
    Still Deliberating amongest Fans.

  64. WHereas if you type in something REAL like, it redirects you to the official site. Lucas isn’t stupid. There’s only one official site, and believe me, supershadow ain’t it.

    I mean, there’s a reason that he forced SS to post this:
    “This web site has no association with Lucasfilm. is a fan operated web site that makes no claims as to the copyrights held by Lucasfilm regarding Star Wars. Star Wars, its characters and all related items are copyright Lucasfilm.”

  65. Hey what would you guys think Of the NFL in Los Angeles?
    I would love the NFL to return to my City!!!

  66. Ok people I’ve been reading some of your post and lets getting something straight. The Dark Jedi and the Sith are 2 opposite types of bad guys. The Dark Jedi are Jedi turned bad and do bad things. The Sith is ancient order of evil Jedi that use the powers of the Dark Side of the Force and carrie Red lightsabers to defeat their enemies whice are the Jedi Knights. Dark Jedi don’t carrie red lightsabers. For example General Grievous in Episode III is a Dark Jedi where we all know Darth Vader in Episode III,IV,V,VI is a Sith Lord. Duuuuuu.

  67. General Greivous is a cyborg, he has no Force powers at all according to the Star Wars books that have come out since April 2 (Visual Dictionary et al.)

    Dude, let it go.

    Click here:

    And here:

    But Cory, I knooooooow that this won’t convince you, because other people have been trying to tell you he’s fake on other boards. Like here!

    Someone posted a big “PROOF SUPERSHADOW IS FAKE” message to you, And you ignored it. Therefore, mayve Cory IS Supershadow! Hah!

  68. “Supershadow is the best. I don’t know what fans would do without him. Him and GL have really worked hard at Skywalker Ranch putting together all the final pieces of REVENGE OF THE SITH. We will see what the future holds for more STAR WARS movies. GL says no but I know he will pick someone else to make the Sequels. Have faith people because faith is all we have in this world we live in. Well mine as well wait for the first Sequel in 10-15 years. That would be…


    Posted by: Cory at May 20, 2005 03:19 PM

    Cory, seriously man, you sound exactly like him. ARE you him?

  69. Ok People. First off lets try and keep the language clean (Cory) second Supershadow makes up alot of the info it posts. So, don’t go around beleiving anything Supershadow says it will only disapoint you.

  70. Yes General Grievous is a cyborg but Count Dooku trained him in the Jedi arts. Grievous is a Dark Jedi he uses lightsabers that he collects from his victims. Supershadow says so.

    No I am no supershadow. Just a big fan of Supershadow and Lucas. The plot scripts you see for EPISODE VII-THE FALLEN HERO, EPISODE VIII-THE REPUBLIC IN CRISIS, EPISODE IX-VICTORY OF THE FORCE are only Plot summaries and not the official scripts to 7,8,9. Supershadow says that there only rough drafts and gives you a basic idea and outline of what 7,8,9 are about. The real scripts are much longer and give more detail then what you read on supershadow.

  71. The Star Wars books and novels have no connection to the STAR WARS: SEQUEL TRILOGY. The Sequel Trilogy is total different and represents Lucas’s true vision of Star Wars.

  72. Guys, Is there someone here besides me that wants the saga to continue? I would sell my soul to the devil and donate my blood to George Lucas just for 1 more trilogy which is 7,8,9.

  73. I want it to continue too, but I will base my hopes on REALITY. Since SS is a fake, I think we should all just keep listening to OFFICIAL word from Lucas, or McCallum. Cory, I’m serious man, click those links and see how fake he is for yourself. I even found a website that linked to the REAL SuperShadow’s work. He works for a company that makes kitchen cabinets. His real picture is on that site. Believe me, it doesn’t look anything like the fake pic of himself on his own site. But see for yourself…Michael (Mickey) Suttle makes kitchen cabinets, not Star Wars movies.
    Please welcome, the one the only…Mickey Suttle, of Hickory Carolina.

    Anybody who reads this, go ahead and ask him very simple (polite) questions such as: If you claim to have co-written and co-edited this movie with George Lucas, then why do other guys get their names in the credits for those jobs? He won’t answer you, he never answered any of my similar questions. You’d think a guy like SS would want to defend his reputation, but no.

  74. Thank you Mike. You have said all I wanted to say and more. See I have been on both sides of Supershadow, I once thought he knew what he was talking about, but I have since then seen the light. Supershadow truly is afake and it wouldn’t suprise me at all if does work for some small ma and pap business making cabinets. We should all just hope that Cory see’s the light, but until then we just need to be there for him in wandering through the dark. I want another trilogy as bad as the next guy but like Mike I too will base my knowledge on reality and definently not on anything Supershadow puts out.

  75. You really want the saga to continue? Do you think as we speak GL is writing or has already written to the real scripts to STAR WARS: EPISODE VII,VIII,IX? Maybe change his mind in 10 years.

  76. I have a question. If it wasn’t for George Lucas writting the scripts for the Indiana Jones Trilogy then Spielberg wouldn’t have make Indiana Jones without GL’s help. Why does GL have to be so naive an so inconsiderit and maybe let Spielberg direct and produce the final Star Wars Trilogy? It can be just the opposite. Lucas said he would never let anyone else make Star Wars. Lucas never directed Episode V-The Empire Strikes Back nor Episode VI-Return of the Jedi so why can’t GL let someone else do the Sequels. No one is going to steal GL’s hard work. Just let someone else make them.

  77. So um…. nothing that comes from Supershadow is the truth? not even the Sequel Trilogy plot summaries? Even if there impressions of the truth of what could take place 30 years after STAR WARS: EPISODE VI-RETURN OF THE JEDI?

  78. The way I see things. There probably won’t be Episode 7,8,9 untill after Lucas passes away in years to come. Maybe Lucas will wait untill he is 70 or 75 and if he is in good health he will make the last trilogy which are the Sequels 7,8,9. Mike and Jag-X I should have told you that I wrote to Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher seeing if they would ever reprise there roles and Luke and Leia. I sent them each a letter to their agency. Mark’s is in Michigan and Carrie’s is in California. I didn’t write to Harrison Ford because he might be the toughest actor to bring back as Han. He once wanted Han to be killed off during the filming of Episode V-TESB in the 80s. You know Roger Epurt or what ever name is thinks there will be more Star Wars movies because he says that there will be alot of pressure from GL’s deputies to make 7,8,9.

  79. Mark Hamil and Carrie Fisher never wrote you back did they? Well maybe one of these days when you least expect it, a letter from each you will be on your doorstep. Please do relize the truth about Supershadow, No one will think you any less of aman if you realize that Supershadow is fake. I would know because no one that any less of me when I finally relized that he’s a fake. No Cory, May The Force Be With You. I know there is still good in you, Turn from the Darkside, it’s not to late!

  80. That’s right! There is still good in you! It’s hard to find out much confirmed info about the sequel trilogy but we’ll do our best to relay that info to you!

  81. I don’t want to beat a dead horse here, but I just find these so funny that I wanted to post them :) Keep in mind that SuperShadow says that he helped write Episode I. He takes credit for inventing midichlorians for example. But if you scroll back to the very very very earlier pages at, you can see he didn’t know ANYTHING about Episode 1. This is good stuff, very funny. These are my favourite “scoops” that he posted:

    8 – 29 – 97
    Anakin is seen piloting a Z-95 in a space battle and fights dark Jedi with his father’s light sabre in the prequel. In the prequel, Anakin acts as Kenobi’s sidekick similar to the way Indiana Jones had a young boy sidekick, named Short Round, in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

    The biggest rumor to be posted here in awhile is: We learn that Boba Fett is a woman in the prequel when she takes of her mask ! She may be Kenobi’s love interest

    . . . Ewoks will be seen in the background during the prequel, but will not have a major role.

    Liam’s character is rumored to become the Emperor at the end of Episode 2

    The B’Omarr Monks play a secondary role in the prequel.

    Anakin’s father might own a Corellian freighter in the prequel

    Anthony Daniels has not been confirmed as a member of the cast, yet. This supports the rumor that 3PO is an astomech/power droid in the prequels and R2 is the protocol/humanoid droid

    Rumored that Liam Neeson’s character is Anakin’s father.

    Adrian Dunbar is rumored to play the role of Bail Organa

    Ackbar appears briefly in Episode 1

    Amphibious stormtroopers will be used in a large aquatic battle at the end of Episode 2

    Thrawn and Xizor will appear in Episode 3.

  82. ur all wrong 7, 8 ,9 will not come out they were rumors now people are spreading them and living in a fantasy world. Heres my proof.

    Aussie website did a little investigative reporting of their own to explore the rumors surrounding possible Star Wars movies Episodes 7, 8 and 9 after NDA agreements were being talked about over at

    Well, in talks with Lucasfilm Moviehole learned the rumors were completely false as a Lucasfilm representative told the site there won’t be any further “Star Wars” movies, adding that news about employees having had to sign a non-disclosure agreement with something about the sequels on them is false, because agreements are never film-specific there.

    John Singh, of Lucasfilm, tells Moviehole, “The rumors of “Star Wars” VII, VIII and IX are absolutely false. Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith is being released worldwide on May 19, 2005, is our last and final installment. ILM employees sign a standard non-disclosure agreement that does not pertain to any particular film or project.”

    so u all see it isnt happening and here the websites addess
    this news site has always had correct news. As much as i love star wars i kno it isnt gunna happen so dont get ur hopes up. Anywho ive read 7, 8, and 9 they arent all that hot seven and eight would b ok but 9 would suck the big one. In the end everything happens for the better.

    May the force be wit u all.

  83. Mike I would give anything to see Mara Jade Skywalker and maybe Anakin Solo, Jacen Solo, Jaina Solo, Ben Skywalker and the old cast.


    Leia,”Luke, you have a power that is great and I could never have.”

    Luke,”You wrong Leia, You have that power and in time your learn use it just as much as I have.”



  85. Happy 24th Padma Naberrie Skywalker!!!!!!!!!

    Today is Natalie Portman(Hershlag)’s 24th Birthday.

    I know there will be a 7,8,9. I have faith. We might have to wait 15 years or less to see what happens.

  86. Maybe Lucas wants to focus on the 2 new Star Wars TV shows and then maybe down the road in a couple of years If the TV shows are a success GL will make any further dissions to make Episode VII,VIII,IX. Lucas did promise use 9 Star Wars movies years ago.

  87. Hey I think we should start a Supershadow recovery groop.
    -New Guy-Hey my name is (blank) and I have been getting info of of SuperShadow for (blank-yrs. months. weeks. days.)-Recovery Leader- It hurts to be deceived, doesn’t it (blank)?-New guy-Yes (sniffle, sniffle, Gathers himself together) Aspecially by Supershadow. (breaks down and weeps)-Recovery Leader-(pats(blank)on the shoulder) It’s gonna be Ok, we’ll get through this together.-New guy-(smiles) Thank you.

    See what good we could do. We could help people like Cory get over their fear of the possibility that Supershadow is fake. See we know there is still good inside you Cory. Turn to what you know deep down is the truth- that Supershadow is a fake, We’ll be here for you and we’ll get through this together….

  88. On which is a real Star Wars affiliated website with Lucasfilm says George Lucas might conside a Star Wars prequel movie to STAR WARS: EPISODE I-THE PHANTOM MENACE. Possibly an STAR WARS: EPISODE 0 titled THE BEGINNING. A Pre-phantom menace movie to Episode I.
    You know what I think. I think Star Wars is ment to have 12 Star Wars movies sort of like how a clock has 12 numbers on it. 6 movies done and 6 to be made after GL dies in years to come.

  89. Just like Epurt Roger or Rupert says. Its going take alot of pressure from Lucas’s deputies and co-workers to make more Star Wars movies. In order 7,8,9 we the fans have to do what ever it takes to convince GL to make the Sequels, no matter how many times he says no and refuses we all need to strike back like the Empire.
    By the way I think is only one real way to know for sure if Episodes VII,VIII,IX are really made and that way is to read STAR WARS INSIDER MAGAZINES which give updates on future films and anything Star Wars related.

  90. ur al so dumb sw 789????? they will not me making it because first they will turn sw 1,2,3,4,5,6 in 3d and by that time gorge will be dead

  91. Hey mind your manners to others on this thread. Punk!!!!

    How do you watch Star Wars what is the correct way to watch the movies?


    Will Episodes IV,V,VI always be considered for the first trilogy or are IV,V,VI really the second trilogy since I,II,III lead up to IV,V,VI?

  92. John Kerry in 2008!!!! Go democrates. Down with Bush…Down with Bush…Down with Bush… Booooooooooooooooooooooooooo Bush.

  93. Well Cory, I’m from the Toronto area. Been a Star Wars fan since…well, I guess I was five when I saw the first movie back in ’77 with my mum and dad.

    Cool thing is, that was the first time I saw the first movie. And the first time I saw the last movie, I also went with my mum and dad. It was really neat.

    We all hope that Episodes 7, 8, and 9 will happen one day. I can remember back in about 1986 or so when George said he’d never make the prequels. And look what happened!

  94. Me? From Bergen NJ. In hopes one day I plan to be an actor as Cory Morr. It wont be untill years to come that I get recognized. Mike the new Batman movie, Batman Begins is directed, produced, and written by David S. Goyer and his next project Mr. Goyer is going to be working on is the superhero from the comics,”THE FLASH.” When I heard this project was announced I got upset because I thought I would ScreenTest as the Flash someday but never know the project was going to be announced. Anyway it wouldn’t work because I have no Agent, no publisist, no acting background and no actor’s profile as Well. All best. If Lucas ever changes his mind and does make 7,8,9 in a couple of years I hope to actually be an actor by then so that way I can maybe land a role as a Jedi extra in Episode VII,VIII,IX if it happens. Take care.

  95. I heard on the radio that 7,8,9 were being looked into but they are ALSO prequels…..Telling the story of Yoda 100 years ealier!

  96. Well me I’m from the Dessert of Lancaster, California, not even an hour away from Los Angeles. Go Dodgers!!!!
    Anyways I happen to Be a George Bush supporter, he rocks (and California was supposed to be a democratic state) anyways back to the subject. I heard that like 500,000 people have sent in letters to ask George Lucas for a 7 8 9th movie. Star Wars will live forever, Mwa ha ha ha!!! Sorry went a little to my head.

  97. they have news proving that it isnt coming out lucas is retired now from movie making and his employees all signed something saying they cant make the other star wars films srry. it is said in a couple articles and one news report that nevver is off on their info

  98. George W. Bush is an A******. Because of that SOB over 1600 American Troops have died in a useless war. If John Kerry were President right now this stupid useless war would be over and he would bring the troops home. It was Osama Bin Laden and Alqeda that killed people on 9/11 not Saddam Hussain. Saddam and Bin Laden are not connect in anyway. Bush needs to be hit in the face. I wish would be the one to do it. Our Economy sucks and over 40 million American can’t have the proper health care because of not having the right health insurance.
    Not the mention that Bush wants to set up private accounts for Social Security which don’t work. Its the democrates that know how to save Social Security. It was a democrate who created SS and us democrates wont have a conservative A-hole destroy it. That Redneck jerk might get us into another war with either Iran or North Korea. He must be stopped at all costs. But thats only on man’s opinion and mine. Hope Episodes 7,8,9 happen. Over and out.

  99. I just thought of something. How did the senate let Palpetine stay In charge when they probably figured out between III and IV that he was a sith. I mean I know that he portrayed himself as the goodguy and all, and everyone fell for it, but after awhile you had to have known he was a sith, Because one of the most famous heros in the Galaxy (Anikan Skywalker) gets named DARTH Vader, DARTH being reserved only for Sith. Unless you didn’t know what Sith were (and everyone, and most everyone in the StarWars galaxy know who Sith are,So….)Would you follow a dictator like That, I wouldn’t. I mean I’m glad our government isn’t like that.

  100. Well uh hey they may have a point, after all this for StarWars. Lets put our differences aside and stand together like Americans and adore StarWars. Uh um I’m sorry…

  101. I apologize for the politics I’ve mentioned. I don’t mean to affend anybody. I just don’t like Bush thats all. Guys I heard on tv that GL is going to get an AFI life achievement award. Maybe he will mention something about STAR WARS: EPISODE VII,VIII,IX at the AFI show.

  102. Gggggod Ittttt’s so difficult to get away from supershadow. I don’t know if I can control my feelings for believing in Supershadow. I have ffffear and aaanger. Nnnnneeeeed to comeback to the lightside. VII,VIII,IX neeeedddd VII,VIII,IX. Its our only hope to save me.

  103. Cory, Fight the Darkside, Supershadow is EVIL!! (and a con) I can feel the good returning. I can feel Darth Cory going bye bye while the Lightside is returning. You have gotten this far don’t turn back now, Mike and I are so proud of you you can do it. I will fill much better when I know for sure that Supershadow has stopped terrorizing the lives of poor StarWars fans, Seducing them to the Darkside and confusion. All of us non confused Jedi StarWars fans will be glad to have you on the side of good fighting along side to pursue the truth of StarWars( by the way I do have a life, in a few months I will be going to Ecuador ) Supershadow is losing his grip over you, pull out your Lightsaber (only $19.99, I think at Wal-Mart) and slash down the grip of evil. We have faith in you, May the Force be with YOU!!! Is that enough support for the moment? Because if you need more your going to have to go to someone else, because I am fresh out I used it all on you, I’m going to go now and do something productive.
    StarWars Episode VII, VIII, and IX will rock, if they come out!

  104. Jag-X Obi-Wan once thought as you did. Do not worry about me my friend. For my allie is the force and and a powerful allie it is. Mike and Jag-X click the link that I typed. It looks like the show is over and the door has closed on the saga. A las 7,8,9 are to be abandened.

  105. Wow… All the fans, all the support, the entire StarWars galaxy. So…. thats it huh. George said no, well, I guess we are all going to have to move on. As Padme Amidala Skywalker once said “So, this is how Democracy (StarWars) dies. With thunderous appluase.” So, after the StarWars T.V. show either gets cancelled or see a series finalle, what will happen to StarWars? You can only remake movies, so many times. StarWars will slowly start to dekay, First the StarWars website will start updating less often until they forget to update it all together. Second they will stop making StarWars Video games. Third, they will stop making StarWars novels. Fourfth, they will stop making StarWars merchandise all together. Fifth, you’ll Start seeing more and more StarWars stuff at yard sales and swapmeets,etc… The last but not leased you’ll be talking to one of your friends in front of your Grandchilderen and You’ll bring up the subject StarWars, one of the Grandchilderen is going to look up at you and ask “Grandpa, what is StarWars” then you’ll shed a tear at the fact that they never got the chance to watch StarWars and expereince the ways of the Force. You will truly know that StarWars is dead when you try to use your force powers but you feel a void in life, then you will truly know that StarWars is gone. Will the force be gone or will their be a secret organazation of underground force users that were once known as Jedi? and will their be an evil secret gang of men and women who also have force powers and were once known as Sith? I feel like the few surviving Jedi who survived Palpatines attack against the Jedi order. Gentlemen, as loong as it is hear, May The Force Be With You…

  106. So, Mike, Cory and anyone else who reads this. Even though the Jedi (yes Cory, I now recognize that you have finally conquered the Darkside as the rest of us have) are starting to see their last days as the keepers of the peace and guards of Democracy, you should all stay strong. Try to remember the good thoughts of StarWars, the first time you saw the movie, wehter it was in the 70s or not, the times when we all watched as Vader, and Cory turn from the Darkside and decide to do what was right. The time we all laughed at Yoda’s Lightsaber duel with Dooku, the moment Anakin rose as DarthVader. All the good times, StarWars will always be alive, at least the fans. The Force is strong with you all. While in seclusion practice with the Force you must. Remember as the same with all of you, I am a Jedi like my father before me. Most importantly do not fall to the Darkside… Becuase those of us Jedi will be obligated to stop anyone or anything that threatens Democracy, even Palpatine himself. As I always say, May the Force be with YOU!!!

  107. I just read that Lucas interview :( Ahh well.

    I’ll repost it here for anybody who’s interested.

  108. From

    IESB: “Now the Star Wars TV series that you completely just shocked
    everyone over at the Indiana convention, when does that go into
    production? Or do you already have a team in pre-production?”

    LUCAS: “Ah, we’re getting ready to go on the animated series, and then
    the live action will be, you know, a year or two later.”

    IESB: “Now, it’s going to take place between Episode III and Episode IV,
    or are we going to see some back series, like Knights of the Old
    Republic and all that stuff.”

    LUCAS: “Well, there is a possibility of that, but not in this series.
    You know, there’s a possibility of more series if these work.”

    IESB: “And the last question… Was Sith truly the last Star Wars film,
    or do we think maybe in the future, if the series is so successful, that
    we might see another [George starts slowly shaking his head at this
    point] young director taking on Star Wars and making another feature film.”

    LUCAS: “Nope. This is the end of it.”

    IESB: “This is the end of it.”

    LUCAS: “Yup.”

  109. I just don’t understand why lucas has to be so naive and selfish. There some much information in the Star Wars Expanded Universe on Post RETURN OF THE JEDI evengts. Information of Jacen, Jaina and Anakin Solo plus on Mara Jade and her son Ben Skywalker. All the infomation from books, comics, and the EU universe can’t even be turned in to movies. That really sucks to the hardcore.

    Mike and Jag-X here is the number for Lucasfilm.

    415-662-1800 for Lucasfilm.

    Contact infromation for George Lucas

    George Lucas
    PO Box 2009
    San Rafael
    CA 94912

    I advise all Star Wars fans to write to GL and call Lucasfilm and beg for Star Wars: Episode VII,VIII,IX.
    I believe Roger Epurt the movie expert when he says there will be more Star Wars movies and there will be pressure by GL’s Employees to make 3 more Star Wars movies.

  110. Well I’ll see about the writing and calling stuff, that seems like it wouldn’t really affect their decision. So, I probably won’t be talking all around on this website to much longer, becuase my friends, my StarWars dream of episode 7 8 and 9. I guess I will have to move onto bigger things (like graduating from Highschool, going to college, getting married, having kids) either way I asure you my friends and fellow Jedi’s StarWars will always have a special place in my heart. Gladly though I am not saying my goodbye’s to you all quiet yet (although the time grows near) I will see if any good news happens in this soon present time, if not then I will say my goodbye’s and ride off into the California sunset (or fly off and around all planets of the Galaxy, I will be known as the Great Drifter, Jag-X leader of the New Republic Military and Jedi Master) Anyways I will probably drop by every now and again My friends we’ll all sit around a Cantina in Mos Eisley and a round of Rootbeers and Pepsi’s and StarWars non alcohalic beverage’s will be on me. I’ll visit Corellia, Coruscant, Tatooine, Rhen Var, Mon Calamari, Besbin, Yavin 4, and maybe Naboo. I will stop by and say hi now and again, don’t worry my friends as Cory once said Don’t worry about me my “friend’s”, my allie is the Force, and a powerful allie it is. I will be Ok. I encourage you to pull from your computers too and live as I will live in your own personal ways. My friends, my time on this website as your fellow StarWars fan draws near to a close, I am and will always be a fellow fan I just won’t be online about StarWars as much. I wil say my goodbye’s soon but until then, May the Force be with you, and guid you and give you the power to fight evil.

  111. You know I will say on thing about Supershadow’s fake Episode 7,8,9 scripts. Even though there fake they are still entertainingly fun to read and enjoyable.

  112. Mike and Jag-X? Last night I had dream and it was about EPISODE VII,VIII,IX. No lie. In my dream I was talking with Lucas and he said that he will let make Episode VII,VIII,IX that he would license me with the rights and tradmark to make the Sequels, then in my dream changed where I was sitting in the theater watching STAR WARS: EPISODE VII and your not going to believe this guys? EPISODE VII was titled what Supershadow’s script says,”THE FALLEN HERO.” Isn’t that Bizzare?
    EPISODE VII was about Luke who is older and his wife Mara Jade and Leia as a fully trained and experianced Jedi Master battling Dark Jedi cyborgs that almost resemble General Grievous but not a deadly as Grievous.
    I also saw the new Republic’s army the rouge squadron learders of the new republic. I saw new types of Starships,”V Wings.” In Episode VII I also saw all the grandchildren. Anakin Solo, Jacen Solo, Jaina Solo and Ben Skywalker. It only dream. Heck, maybe its the future. I don’t care how many time Lucas says no more Star Wars movies. I think it will be a matter of 4 to 5 years down to road that Lucasfilm changed thier minds and might consider the Final Trilogy. The Sequels are just ment be made like want Mark Hamill Says:


    EPISODE 0-?




  113. The possible storylines for episodes 7,8 and 9 can be found on the following adress (don’t know if it has been posted yet):

    episode 7: The Fallen Hero
    episode 8: The Republic in Crisis
    episode 9: Victory of the Force

    these three movies would make for an awesome addition of the starwars universe :)

  114. Uh oh, pascal, don’t tell me we have to educate you on supershadow, too!

    Me personally I’m too excited about the Star Wars TV show to even think about the sequels right now. Sequels would be cool, but it looks good that Boba Fett will be in the TV show. Daniel Logan was mentioned as a potential cast member, who is 18 now.

  115. Me personally, I’ve always felt that IF a sequel trilogy ever comes, Lucas has somewhat opened the door to an excellent possibility.

    His recent revamp of ROTJ opens up the possibility of Hayden Christenson appearing as a ghost in the sequels, which I think would be an excellent idea to continue the series and still have it be about Anakin. This time it would be Anakin guiding his children in their new adventures from beyond the netherworld.

  116. I don’t think it would work mike. Star Wars is about the Skywalker family.

    EPISODE I-III is about Anakin and Padme'(father and mother).
    EPISODE IV-VI is about Luke and Leia (brother and sister).
    EPISODE VII-IX will be about Anakin Solo, Jacen Solo, Jaina Solo, Ben Skywalker, (cousins and grandchildren).
    EPISODE X-XII will be about someone different; a new story (miscellaneous).

    The End

  117. I think you both have a point becuase it would be cool to see Anakin’s (Skywalker’s) ghost, while it should also remain on the younger Skywalker and Solo generation.

  118. What? Um, I don’t think Hayden has appeared as Anakins ghost. Because the guy at the end of ROTJ was some old dude who looked like Regis.

  119. Mike?Jag-X? Lucas is releasing the box set of all 6 Star Wars movies, the prequels, or Episode III-ROTS sepreatly on November 1, 2005. Here is a list of the following from

    (Fullscreen dvd)
    .STAR WARS: EPISODE I-III(Widescreen)
    .STAR WARS: EPISODE I-III(Fullscreen)
    .STAR WARS: EPISODE I-VI(Widescreen)
    .STAR WARS: EPISODE I-VI(Fullscreen)

  120. I do actually have the original trilogy on DVD… I guess I never really paid attention to that part after watching it a million times on the latest VHS addition, I gues I will have to pay more attention when the ghost appear at the end of ROTJ. The only DVD I will need to finish my StarWars DVD collection is Episode III. I already feel jipped though because I won’t have the entire 6 video pack,I only have the Episode I and II dulogy pack and the original trilogy Pack all on Dvd. Oh well at least I have them on DVD.

  121. I have on VHS:


    I plan on getting rid of my VHS and in November when Lucas releases the boxset of 6 Star Wars movies on DVD
    I will get the boxset of STAR WARS: EPISODE I-VI. That includes STAR WARS: EPISODE III-REVENGE OF THE SITH.

  122. Don’t get rid of the VHS dude! Those versions are different than the DVD versions. Don’t get rid of them unless you want to see Hayden Christenson at the end of Jedi for the rest of your life.

  123. But Mike I don’t like Sebastian Shaw as Anakin in STAR WARS: EPISODE VI-RETURN OF THE JEDI. Seeing Hayden as Anakin in Episode VI is newer, better and more innovated. It connects I,II,III with IV,V,VI. Maybe I will put my tapes on Ebay.

  124. Don’t do that! By all means don’t due that! You know how much I wanted the original trilogy (back when it was in VHS) I wouldn’t just say aw forget it I already have the DVD’s annd just throw away my StarWars VHS trilogy away. Who knows, maybe they will be werth something someday. May the Force be with You. My time on this website grows short…

  125. Alright guys. May the force be with. What an honor George Lucas recieved at the AFI lifetime achievement award: A tribute to George Lucas. Carrie Fisher was funny. “Hi, I’m Mrs. Han Solo and I’m an alcoholic.” When I saw Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford reunited at the award show I was thinking real hard and came to conclusion that I can see Mark, Carrie and Harrison in all back together for one more Star Wars Trilogy in 7,8,9. There at there perfect age for the last trilogy. May GL will consider it in 8 to 10 years. I just don’t think Star Wars is complete with out the final trilogy(the sequels).

  126. You CAN get the original ORIGINAL trilogy on bootleg DVDs, although I have the VHS box set (widescreen) with “From Star Wars To Jedi” as a bonus tape. Comes with a nice book although mine is still sealed.


  127. Bravo for that… Finally that Suttle guy got what he derserved. I would really be ashamed if I was him for all he has done, not only faulted respect to the fans but also to the Star Wars crew, such as Lucas and specially McCallum. I also got deceived by him for a good set of months until I began to figure what the real thing was.
    So no more episodes…I think this time Lucas said it for good. I know we want more and he would do good in making them ’cause he would make lots more of money, but I guess he’s tired and wants to do something different, maybe another kind of trilogy or something…since all his other movies were a bit disapointing except maybe Graffiti. Anyways let’s hope this changes and Lucas decides to make 7-9.

  128. Yeah but Supershadow will probably be unsuspended tomorrow. He knows how to take off the suspension page.

  129. Well we gotta move on…one day SS’s computer will get a short circuit and explode along with him…so we need not to worry about that… Anyway, anyone knows when is the TV show with real actors gonna begin production and when is it gonna be ready for broadcast?

  130. According to Lucas the 1st Star Wars tv show is going to be computer-animated and will air on tv fall of 2007. The second tv show which will be live-action will be in 2008 or 2009.

  131. Lucas Hints at TV Series Character

    Posted By Joshua on June 13, 2005
    USA Today includes a Lucas hint that Daniel Logan’s Boba Fett may be in the TV series:

    Ford was approached by Daniel Logan, 18, who played young Boba Fett in Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Lucas said Logan’s character may be included in his live-action Star Wars TV series, which is in the works.

    For more hit the link above. Was Logan good enough to pull of a series by himself? Would this be a supporting character role? Fans love Boba Fett, so either was this shouldn’t be a surprise for many. Look for more soon!

  132. You know mike and Jag-X there is a Star Wars: Episode 7,8,9 petition that I signed as will as hundreds of fans. This petition is going to be sent to GL and Lucas Arts. Right now there are 863 signitures and still continuing. This Petition that everybody is signing may not change the outcome if Lucas does go ahead and makes Episodes VII,VIII,IX but its at least a start to get GL to change his mind to continue the saga. I will give you guys the link. Add your voices to the 7,8,9 petition, it might help.

  133. Alright, I signed it. But I was a little uneasy about giving my name over the internet. Cory I like you, but if anything bad happens and my name is mixed up in it, You won’t hear the end of it. But I at least signed it. Sorry, I just don’t like giving my name over the Internet, You can probably understand. I hope they make a 7 8 9 but I’m not going to get my hopes up.

  134. Shoulda signed it with an alias, dude! It’s not like they look up every name in the world to verify it :) They probably just make sure each name has a unique IP.

  135. Yah I didn’t think they would let me, From this day forward on the Internet I shall go by Jag-X or Darth Jag unless I have to fill out an order form or register for something, other than that I shall go as those two names Not as (Sorry guys, like I said I don’t like to release my name over the internet or my e-mail address in that case) unless you guys give any cooler suggestions alias names.

  136. What?????????????????????????????????? Huh Darth what?????? Is that the name you thought of. um uh lets go for something a little more…… creative ya creative. May the force be with you all.

  137. You haven’t see Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back I guess! Jay’s Sith name was “Darth Balls” and he fought with a double bladed bongsaber. Mark Hamill played Cock Knocker, only a single bladed bongsaber for him, but his power was that he had a giant fist and punched people in the balls.

  138. Nobody here is gonna want to read this, but I was doing some thinking today on the sequels that I have come to the following conclusions:

    1. I think with Lucas now being much older and having worked on Star Wars non-stop for 11 years straight, we will never see a sequel trilogy. He’ll be retired by the time he would feel like getting back into it. And Lucas has said in interviews that he has contracts with the studio that nobody can make Star Wars movies when he’s dead.

    2. Even if he did make the sequels, there’s no way in hell Mara Jade, Jaina or Jacen would be in them (and if they did, they’d only be a brief mention). We can safely extrapolate this by the way George Lucas has treated EU continuity in the prequels. Don’t forget that! Look how Lucas disregarded all these EU ideas:
    a) no Z-25 Headhunters
    b) no Spaarti cloning cylendars
    c) no Jorus C’Baoth
    d) no Thrawn
    e) no Xizor
    f) let’s not even talk about Boba Fett’s backstory
    Sure he threw in a Juggernaut or two, and he did use the name Coruscant (although the planet Coruscant was designed during Return Of The Jedi, so that idea was still all Lucas). But in general, a lot of things that the fans expected like Thrawn or Z-25 Headhunters, they didn’t get or got flat-out contradicted.
    So don’t expect to see any EU characters. If there are children, don’t expect them to be named Ben or Anakin. Expect them to have new unique names.

    3. The TV show is the way of the future. People can not make Star Wars MOVIES after Lucas is dead, but they can make TV SHOWS. There are already 2 in the works: one cartoon, one live action. Here EU could be more carefully guarded and followed.

    My conclusions: Put your hopes on the TV show, NOT the hope of a sequel trilogy.

    Darth Balls

  139. No way Star Wars is to popular and even if Lucas retires in say 8 to 10 years I bet there will be a third trilogy but Lucas will only write the real 7,8,9 scripts and pick a director and crew, bring back the original cast to make the Star Wars: Sequel Trilogy. My mom thinks I’m psychic and my feelings tell me there will be a third trilogy before Lucas retires or dies.

  140. Besides, Roger Epurt the film critic still has faith and believes Lucas will make more Star Wars films. I trust Roger’s words.”There will be many pressure by Lucas’s staff and deputies to make 3 more Star Wars films.”

    II-AOTC }Beginning

    V-TESB }Middle

    VIII-? }End???????


  141. It’s like what the Priests say in End of Days. You have to have faith. Just get your friends to sign the petition that I posted and to spread the word so maybe Lucas will change his mind down the road.

  142. Yup, I signed that petition a while ago. I also signed one of those “original trilogy” petitions but he seems dead set on ignoring those.

  143. Thanks Mike, you too Jag-X. Spread the word on the Petition and tell your friends as well. The more signitures the better. I know there will be a 7,8,9. So much info in the EU community of Star Wars why wouldn’t a Sequel Trilogy work? I bet Mara Jade is hot, hehe.

  144. George Lucas’ next movie, Red Tails, has been talked about as far back as PRE-Phantom Menace, but it looks like it’s coming! He’s producing, not directing.

  145. Mercury News has a great QnA with the man himself this weekend from San Francisco.

    Q: After the Letterman Center opens, you’re going to remain out in Marin at Skywalker Ranch, which will make you somewhat remote from your own headquarters. Are you planning to step back from the business?

    A: Yes. I’m basically retiring. I’ve done my bit and I’m going to be there to help them along, but basically they’re on their own now. I’m going to be off making movies.

    Q: You’ve talked about making more personal films when the “Star Wars” saga was over. You have the means and the opportunity to do anything you want now. How do you decide what to do next?

    A: I’m going to produce the new “Indiana Jones” film, I’m going to produce a film called “Red Tails” about African-American fighter pilots. I’m also helping get an animated TV series about “Star Wars” called “Clone Wars” off the ground. I’m going to spend a year to 18 months getting all these things going, and then I’m going to start writing my own more adventurous, experimental films, which probably will not be as popular as the kind of work I’ve done in the past. But I like it.

  146. I bet it will be too! He’s been working on it long enough! Personally I thought THX was amazing, Grafitti was excellent, I thought Willow was great. Didn’t like Radioland Murders or Howard the Duck, but you can’t win them all.

  147. Ya know, I’ve been thinking, someone should make a series of like Star Trek meets StarWars meets Halo. I t should be called Alpha Command and It should be about how the people of earth have migrated to other planets and in the proscess start a great civil war between the two great factions of humans. There would be no Aliens (at least not immediatly) only Humans, animals, and Dogs. Some of earths governments would still be intact (America, Russia, China, Etc. Maybe some new governments) some governments will bond and form sort of like a super government, which will fight a gainst each other. Tell me what you think. I been thinking about putting all this on paper. Good or bad? Story change? Character ideas?

  148. There IS a sequel to Willow that Lucas wrote with someone else. It only made it to book form. I can’t remember the name or any details except that when Willow reached adulthood he changed his name. The book is probably available still, it’s worth checking out on amazon.

  149. 714 signitures on the Star Wars 7,8,9 petition and still going. The more signitures the more possibility of Star Wars: Episode VII,VIII,IX happening.

  150. Why would you think the Star Wars: Sequel Trilogy would flop?

    Mike answer me this? If STAR WARS: EPISODE I,II,III is the Prequel Trilogy, STAR WARS: EPISODE IV,V,VI is the Classic Trilogy or Star Wars Trilogy and STAR WARS: EPISODE VII,VIII,IX is the Sequel Trilogy then what is STAR WARS: EPISODE X,XI,XII considered or what kind of Trilogy is 10,11,12 called? Thanks

  151. The Imaginary Trilogy!

    Around the time of the original Star Wars George was quoted in articles talking about 4 trilogies, but only a few times. He never wrote them, didn’t come up with any ideas for them that we know of.

    I think he realized almost immediately after he made the first Star Wars that 12 movies was too much.

  152. First off, What did you guys think of my Idea’s for a book (please be honest) Second, We don’t even know if they are going to do a third trilogy and I can almost gurantee they won’t do a fourth. A love StarWars just as much as you guys but a fourth trilogy would be over doing it.

  153. I can’t see how a fourth trilogy would over do it. May Episodes 10,11,12 can be the Prequels to 1,2,3. Sounds like a good Idea.



    A Trilogy of Trilogies

  154. Forget that I even mention Episodes X,XI,XII. Lets focus on VII,VIII,IX then maybe we or I should say Lucasfilm could possibly get to X,XI,XII. Maybe Lucas will to Episodes X,XI,XII and then go back to do the backstory in VII,VIII,IX. You never know anyway I got some positive good news about VII,VIII,IX happening.

    Read it and weap.

  155. I like that news. But be careful Cory it could be just as fake as Supershadow. I’m not saying it isn’t, I’m just saying don’t get your hopes up to high. Two reliable inside sources sounds a little weird… But hey some good news right?

  156. That info isn’t fake, but it IS old. Almost a year old. I think I read something a little more recently that said such contracts within movie studios are standard procedures whether sequels are being made or not.

  157. Same here have a nice Fourth of July!!!! I like the info but I’m not getting my hopes up…

  158. Well we don’t celebrate 4th of July here in Canada, but I wish you a happy holiday just the same.

  159. Guys great news. I was talking with an Employee at my job and we were discussing Episode III-ROTS, how well it went and that I told him I doubt it will be the last Star Wars. He told me that Lucas is selling the rights and trademark. We talked about an Episode 7,8,9 happening he think that Lucas is going to allow someone else to make the Sequel Trilogy. I think so to. Where he go knew this information is a mystery.

  160. How many times has your mother told you not to beleive everything you here. I heard that 20th Century fox and Lucasfilm’s is going to do something woth the rights so that no one else can make the movies. Sorry but you better watch where you get your info…

  161. I’ve only read the script for Star Wars episode 7 The Fallen Hero. It sound’s kinda corny, Like come on after 30 years Luke’s hand is in perfect condition and gets it reconnected. Luke’s sister Leya has a son named Anikan Solo with Hann Solo and Luke has a son with Mara Jade named Ben Skywalker. That is to original. A Dark Jedi named Asp Who can trasform into any other lifeform. When have you seen that in any other of the 6 starwars movies. The Dark Jedi are making clones of Vader(Lukes father) and luke. Just so the clones can profel Vader’s proffesy said in episode 5 where Vader tells Luke that they should rule the galaxy as father and son. Thats just a waste of time.These movies can be succesful(if they do make the movies)only if they make some changes to the skripts.

  162. Welcome to the boards Tyler. The Scripts for THE FALLEN HERO, THE REPUBLIC IN CRISIS, VICTORY OF THE FORCE are fake and fan made. But they would make great movies.

  163. While Lucas says that Episodes 1-3 are it, there just seems to be too much evidence to the contrary that Episodes 7-9 will come to pass. Peter Jackson for instance hints in a few places that he would direct… if they were made. Who knows what that means. And I’m sure we’ve all heard the Mark Hamil 2011 speach. According to Mark that’s when the original cast would be at the correct age for the next trilogy. KNowing that Lucas is SUPER secretive about ALL of his Star Wars scripts (i.e. most of the main charaters didn’t know that Vader was Luke’s father until after James Earl voiced it over, in the scrpit it was written, “I killed you father”), anything you read online is probably non-genuine. Not to mention everything I’ve read online are superficial drivel and are lacking in any of the Star Wars themes such as internal conflict and the balnace of good vs. evil.

  164. Ya know how I said I was going to leave this website and move onto newer things, Well that time has finally Come this is my last message on this website other than checking to see if there is any new news every once in a while. So I say to you it has been a pleasure but it is time for me to take my leave. I will check for any new news every blue moon. So as I said before, May the Force be with you…

  165. Jag-X its been a pleasure meeting you. Prey to god Episode VII,VIII,IX happen. We need the saga to continue. All the best. May the Force be with you, Always.


  166. I hope GL make Star Wars VII,VIII, and IX. All the other movies kicked ROCKED!!!!!!! You have to make these movies or something because they RULE!!!!!!!

  167. I hope GL make Star Wars VII,VIII, and IX. All the other movies ROCKED!!!!!!! You have to make these movies or something because they RULE!!!!!!!

  168. Have any of you been on,the guy that makes it his name is Mickey Suttle and he is a hopeless wannabe loser and wen you send in your comments and questions to “George Lucas”,iy\t’s just him doing a very bad job trying to take Lucas’s place.And there is Episode 7-9 plot scripts there,but their all his imagination put on the computer.Pls reply.

  169. Have any of you been on,the guy that makes it his name is Mickey Suttle and he is a hopeless wannabe loser and wen you send in your comments and questions to “George Lucas”,iy\t’s just him doing a very bad job trying to take Lucas’s place.And there is Episode 7-9 plot scripts there,but their all his imagination put on the computer.Pls reply.I only envy him for all the hard work he’s put into his lies.Pls reply.

  170. Trilogy 1

    Trilogy 2

    Trilogy 3

  171. Trilogy 1

    Trilogy 2

    Trilogy 3

  172. Prettyinpink252004

    I think it would be super cool if they continue the Star Wars series. I grew up watching Star Wars, and I think it still rocks! I cant wait to see what happens to our heros next! Keep them rolling guys!

  173. Ok I think using part of my name is as your computer name dealio (Jag-X Jr.) IS NOT COOL. So, please if you could find a different name, that would be awesome. I hate it when people try and copy my style (not that I have any) please just change the name.

    Sincerely Jag-X

  174. Ok guys, im 38, that makes me a life long fan. By the way, superstupid or supershadow is fake fake fake. Look up the original script “The journal of the whills”, the entire story was taken from there, its lucas original full draft. And not to dash your hopes, but the movies are over, but look forward to the t.v series and more cartoons. Dont allow ss to insult your intelligence.

  175. HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its not over there is a continuation at the end of RETURN OF THE JEDI we need to see what happens in Luke’s new Jedi order. Episode VII,VIII,IX are going to happen and this isn’t coming from superidiot but from Roger Epurt the filmcritic. I do however like the titles THE FALLEN HERO, THE REPUBLIC IN CRISIS, VICTORY OF THE FORCE.
    When STAR WARS reaches Episode XII then it will come to a full circle just like a clock has 12 on it and that when I know the saga is complete for real. Sign our petiton for parts 7,8,9 and possibly 10,11,12 as Thanks

  176. Just take a look at how the titles reflect on another.
    ADJ. NOUN.

    These titles refer to a specific person or thing.


    These titles refer to a group of people or things doing something or something is in Jepordy.


    These titles refer to an organzation or higher power getting something or doing something.

    They all reflect.

  177. Daryl Charalambous

    the guy who said “may the force be with you” was dodonna.

    I find it hilarious that people are using gl quotes from to verify his authenticity. I have been reading ss for 5 years now and I find it hilarious that he has become this influential that people actually take his site as fact. It’s possible he is GL but most likely he is a really rad fan who is fully aware of the darkside of the force.

    that being lsd.

  178. *laughs at everyone who believes supershadow*
    you know that guy makes cabinets in south carolina right?

  179. The saga is not about Anakin Skywalker its about the Skywalker family.

    II-Anakin Skywalker and Padme Skywalker

    V-Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa

    VIII-Anakin Solo, Mara Jade Skywalker, Ben
    IX Skywalker.

    XI-Something different

    IT IS NOT OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TRILOGY OF TRILOGIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    MORE STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  180. Wow, this is getting deep. It takes an adult to rein in the kids! “Heir to the Empire” was the first of a trilogy of books, released in the early 90’s I think. IT was ok’ed by Lucas himself and is supposed to be Canon, as in the real continuation of the story after episode 6. The writer had to work close with Lucasfilm on it since there was no plan for 7,8,9. Lucas wants to move on. OK? READ- “Journal of the Whills” as well. Its not in book form but can be found on-line. And remember,he has never released a title before production is even over. “Victory of the force” is not silly enuff to be the title to a Starwars movie anyway. And SS, never “scores”.

  181. Sylanthir(daryl charalamnous

    haha well obviously you don’t know anything because GL has stated several times the SS will be in charge of the next trilogy. Hahaha, Supershadow is so awesome.

    *scores endlessly*

  182. Supershadow’s fake, guys. Check this out:

    “I attended Hickory High School with Mickey Suttle in North Carolina from 1994-1998. My mother ran into his last weekend at a parish festival and she was told that Mick is now running Even though I’m not a Starwars buff that sounded like a pretty high end job. When I got the chance, I visited Star but didn’t find Mick’s name mentioned on it. Out of curiosity I went to and typed in his name. I was almost floored by all the results I found.

    “I soon discovered he goes by an internet alias “Supershadow” and runs a starwars site of his own. After going there, I could not believe how arrogant and farfetched he comes across. I don’t know if the kid has gone temporarily insane or does a lot of drugs, but his website could not be any farther from the truth. It’s time for me to speak out. Everyone seems to be wondering who the real Supershadow is? Well I have known the kid for years and will spill every bit of knowledge I have about him. Mick was born in Hickory and has lived here his entire life. He was on the football team our freshman year. Running was not one of his talents. He was part of crew who sat on the sidelines nicknamed “The Fatty Five”. He does NOT date super models and to the best of my knowledge he has never had a serious girlfriend. Even at our dances he would show up alone or with a guy friend. I saw a someone claiming that Mick is really a lawyer here in Hickory. That is, and never was, true. He has worked at a foodmart since high school up until at least last summer.

    “From what I gather, Mick claims he co-wrote, played a character, and then edited the new Starwars. Believe me, if Mick was friends with George Lucas or had anything to do with the new movie, it would be all over the newspaper here. DO NOT BELIEVE HIM!! I will keep my name a secret now for obvious reasons. If you have any questions I will be glad to answer them. By the way, here is a picture of Mick from our high school yearbook. As you can see he is not the person pictured on his site.”

  183. Look Super shadow is fake, George Lucas himself said there wont be any other trilogy, just go look into the news. Super shadow is fake because he isnt mentioned EVER by George, wouldnt you mention someone who helped you write 6 of the best movies ever? Just be resonable. SS is fake, and there isnt gonna be anouther trilogy. Dont be so easy swayed.

  184. Also, SS was still in highschool when Phamtom Menace was being filmed. Don’t think Lucas would have hired a highschool senior for the most important film of his career.

  185. I think all of the people want some more star wars

    star wars is gonna’ continue folks
    and if george lucas desn’t want to continue
    someone else is gonna’

  186. Well, it’s also his intellectual property. Nobody else CAN make a Star Wars movie, unless you are talking about fan films, of which there are many, and some quite good. I would highly recommend the Pink 5 series of films if you want to see some really excellent Star Wars fan films.

  187. i liked episode 3 the most,i liked to see episode 7,8,9 i was waching all the episodes again,and i was angry cause i can’t see any more i hope 7,8,9 come out.cause i really liked to see wat will happen in the next episodes.because it’s gonna be difficult for goerge lucas to film te next movies cause there is no dark side anymore,so fallen hero(episode 7)would be cool cause you here fallen hero and ther is no enemy.maybe those little beer’s wil be them hihihi.if anyone has a idea when it comes’s my e-mail
    [email protected]

  188. well Supershadow must have lied guys becuaus looks what i found!!! the real repeat the real episode vii script and not what super shadow said it would be. its called ESCAPE FROM PERIL abd there is a traioler i have seen it and action figurtes too i have seen them too. it looks like lucas was telling the truth and he let somebody else write it for him but its real trust me i have seen proof!

  189. There are no more Sith lords in the Sequel Trilogy(7,8,9). They focus on the Jedi vs. Dark Jedi and Mandalorians. The Jedi knights find away to defeat the darkside of the force forever. True that Luke or I should say Vader defeated the Sith order once and for all in Episode VI-Return of the Jedi but a Dark Jedi can learn to harness the power of the dark side of the force but thanks to Luke and Company find the way to put a permanent end to all evil Jedi in the galaxy. in THE FALLEN HERO, THE REPUBLIC IN CRISIS, VICTORY OF THE FORCE.

  190. That sounds alot like Supershadows rendition, and we all know he’s as fake as dirt… how can he be teusted to do an entire starwars trilogy just like that? I don’t think so… George Lucas has probably issued a restraining order on this guy.

  191. SuperShadow is FAKE!!! and they don’t even have names for the next trilogy! We don’t even know if there is going to be another trilogy!!! let alon the names!!!! Stick to the facts people!

  192. just check the link i posted earlier its all their including a trailer and even action figures its true.

  193. just check the link i posted earlier its all their including a trailer and even action figures its true.

    u cant even spell johnny right so stop telling us what to do

  194. Hey man cut the guy a little slack… (I knida think Johny 45 has apoint)Anyways I was just checking in to see if there’s anything new… Oh and you can’t beleive a word that comes from supershadow… Becuase if there is another StarWars trilogy and SuperShadow has nothing to do with you all (that Beleive in him will go hey that other dude was right) SuperShadow isn’t even in any of the Credits at the end of ANY StarWars trilogy and as Johny 45 put it best George Lucas probably has a restraining order on him. Till next time my fellow StarWars fans. May the Force be with you!

  195. Hey man cut the guy a little slack… (I knida think Johny 45 has apoint)Anyways I was just checking in to see if there’s anything new… Oh and you can’t beleive a word that comes from supershadow… Becuase if there is another StarWars trilogy and SuperShadow has nothing to do with you all (that Beleive in him will go hey that other dude was right) SuperShadow isn’t even in any of the Credits at the end of ANY StarWars trilogy and as Johny 45 put it best George Lucas probably has a restraining order on him. Till next time my fellow StarWars fans. May the Force be with you!

  196. OK i’m sorry for what i said sorry johny i was just drustrated.

    but i know supershadow is fake,
    that isnt what i was trying to say i was trying to tell you that i think i found a the true sequel trilogy
    i think it was true because its ntohing like supershadow’s that ghuy is nothing buty a liar anyway.

  197. You don’t know that for certain. Anakin’s role could be to return as a Force ghost much as Obi-Wan did for the entire middle trilogy. He could guide Luke into rebuilding the Jedi order. The Empire might be gone, but that doesn’t mean there are not forces of evil to be battled somewhere. The first trilogy didn’t have an Empire either. The Empire only exists in the middle one. Where the first trilogy dealt with the major powers before the Empire, the third can deal with any new faction that might arise from the collapse of the old Empire and attempt to fill the vaccuum.

    There’s no much potential, and so much evidence that Lucas hasn’t written the idea off completely. Interviews with Peter Mayhew have suggested that when he signed his contract for Episode III, he also had to sign a contract stating he’d be available for sequels. Hammill’s said George has talked to him. There are also entire plot threads that have been deliberately unexplained, such as “Did Darth Plagueis create Anakin?” These questions could have been saved for coverage in a future sequel.

    No more Star Wars? Sure. Remember when Ozzy did his “No More Tours Tour”? Kiss did a Farewell tour in ’99. Now it’s 2005 and they’re still on their “Farewell Tour”. And don’t even get me started on how many times we had to call bullsh*t on The Who! :) Don’t you see? What I’m saying is, don’t believe everything you read. Especially at, but besides that, it’s all about hype. Lucas also said he’d never do a prequel trilogy. Everybody my age remembers when he said that. Heck, the very last line on the “From Star Wars to Jedi” home video was Lucas saying he had to say goodbye to that galaxy far far away and move on in his career!

    Patience, young one. I predict we will start hearing official news about a sequel trilogy five years hence.

  198. I am Darth beck, a member of the mighty shadowscourge and plan to take down supersadow

    Star wars guy #1 that script is fake because it was written by a fan not GL. It says that at the top

  199. yeah so everyone knows lucas isn’t writing the next one himself, everyone knows someone else is gonna just more proof that i am right i guess

  200. Please… A super starwars fan that sit at home all daywould not write the script for a new StarWara trilogy… It will be some famous guy who has done many movies… Not some guy that HAS HIS OWN STARWARS FANSITE (WHOA!!!)



  203. how do you know it’s just a fan and not a pro writer that you haven’t heard of dick? you know all the pro writers? you a pro writer dick?

  204. whoa… calm down gentlemen, no need for harsh comments we are all StarWars fans.
    But did you know that about 9 10ths of all starwars websites are all fan opperated.

    So what exactly are the chances of whoever he is being some writer guy. I mean seriuosly. I’m not trying to put down another StarWars trilogy, beleive me I want just as much as any of you, but chances are looking slimmer and slimmer everyday, But who knows they might suprise us right?

  205. Special Stormtrooper unit number TK421

    Yeah I heard those statistics before, and on more than one occasion. I agree with you Johny 45 I think you have a good point.

    couldn’t have said it better myself.

  206. I would have thought 99.9% of them were fan operated, since there’s only one officiat site?

    Man, this place is gone way downhill since last I posted.

  207. I am Darth Beck a member of shdowscourge who plans to take down supershadow
    Also there is Darth Elway, Darth Crisis, Chosen one and drunklightsaber

  208. Darth Elway should think about getting a new name. It’s like saying “Darth Nerd”. All we need now is Darth Urkel!

  209. At this point we should get credit where credit is due: Lucas looks pretty good for a guy pushing 65. He looks no older than 50.

  210. oh mike is the best name ever

    anyway GL will make star wars episode 7,8,9 and he is probably writing the script now. He is probably getting him and all his staff to shut up about it.

  211. No man, you’re NEVER too old! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

    However, for a project that will take him over a decade to complete, for a father of three who probably hasn’t spent a lot of time with his kids, and for an artist who has many many MANY other projects he still wants to do (ie: Red Tails), he definitely IS too old.

  212. Anyway who sayed he’ll make 3 he might make only 1 more

    And there was rumors that he will make another one that will either be before TPM or based on sub characters in the prequals

  213. That’s just a rumour though, denied by all at Lucasfilm.

    Truth is he already has at least FOUR projects on his plate that will have to come before any new Star Wars movie possibly could, including the mythical “Episode 0” (which is just that–mythical.)

    1. Red Tails.
    2. Star Wars animated TV show.
    3. Star Wars live action TV show which he will be personally writing. (Probably this is where the “Episode 0” rumours started flying as this show is supposed to be pre-TPM.)
    4. Indiana Jones 4 (if it’s ever finished).

  214. I just stopped to say and I agree with Mike on this one, Who know’s (hope not) but what if we never do see a StarWars Episode 7 8 9, I think it’s time we all start braing ourselve’s for the cold bitter truth, There might not be a 7 8 9.

    After all papers were signed saying stuff like even after GL is gone no is going to be allowed to make another movie. and if they are they had better hury up before anyone of the actors from the original trilogy dies. (hope that doesn’t happen either)

    Say StarWars 7 8 9 doesn’t come out (whats next) say it does, after episode 9 people will be like oh he sould make a fourth trilogy (that could be bad) but I do wish they could do an Episode 7 8 9 but I’m not going to get my hopes up.

    till next time,

    and down with SuperShadow!!

  215. Jag-X is wise, like Yoda.

    Lucas ain’t making any more Star Wars, I’d be willing to bet my entire Star Wars Lego collection on it. His plate is full of other stuff, all of which I’m sure will be cool. Lucas has never let me down–THX, American Graffitti…I liked everything he’s directed.

  216. Episode 7 is confirmned.

    MAY 2020 will be the release of STAR WARS: EPISODE VII-THE FALLEN HERO. Not by Lucas but from a different director.

  217. I can’t believe people wouldn’t want another Star Wars trilogy. More movies would be great. Who wouldn’t want to see Mara Jade Skywalker, Kyle Katarn, Ben Skywalker, Anakin Solo. Maybe Jacen and Jaina Solo. Bring on the Sequels. You know everyday I ask my mom,”mom? do you think George Lucas is done with Star Wars or will there be a Star Wars: Episode VII,VIII,IX? She say,”I think Lucas is just saying there will be no more movies because he is trying to get Star Wars hype and excitement out of the fans so they want more Star Wars movies.” I agree with her 100%. Remeber when Lucas said after Star Wars: Episode VI-Return of the Jedi in 83,”I’m not making any more Star Wars movies after this trilogy.” Well he did the backstory to Star Wars now lets see the front story.”

  218. Honestly, I don’t want to see any of those characters. I never liked a single one of them. Especially the solo brats. Katarn was OK but only because he was in the most wicked video game of all time.

  219. Thats your opinion mike. But some people never read the books like me. I want to see those character and the new battles take place in the new jedi order.

  220. Well you will never find “proof” no matter how hard you look, but you will find “hints”. There have been hints floating around in interviews since 1979 or so. But nothing counts except what LFL says right now.

  221. You know what I don’t get? I don’t get why you guys aren’t happy with the fact that we’re getting TWO Star Wars TV shows. And that’s not conjecture, that’s a FACT that those shows are coming. To me, we should be thankful about that, not whining about Lucas not making another trilogy. My God, we’re going to be SWIMMING in Star Wars soon! More hours of Star Wars than any trilogy could provide! Wake up!

  222. HEY THERE IS NO NEED FOR THAT KINDA LANGUAGE!! After all we are StarWars fans together. Mike has a point. More StarWars then you will be able to handle. Cory, do you have some kinda link, to this info? because “A Fallen Hero” sounds alot like SuperShadow’s name for it. as Jag-X put it best “Down with supershadow!!!”)

    Hey did anyone remember to remember our brothers and sisters in the Twin towers incident today is September 11

    God Bless America

  223. Cory’s been trying to tell people that SuperShadow’s version is real for months now, it’s all up there in his early posts.

  224. I like The Fallen Hero for Episode VII. I don’t know if Episode VIII will be The Republic in Crisis or Victory of the Force for IX but The Fallen Hero is a perfect title for VII. I’ve been talking with Lucas, he answered my questions on and it wasn’t supershadow it was Mr. Lucas and I’m truly convinced and believe its GL. So what if I’m a supershadow fan so are thousands of other Star Wars fans. Hey I don’t think Mickey Suttle is a bad guy I just think he has some issues, but that doesn’t mean to bash and upset GL’s good friend.

  225. no guys GL is done with Star Wars but he just says there is no more Star Wars so he builds hype for the Sequels. There will be more Star Wars. Episode 7 is going into full preproduction 2014 will make a May 2020 release. Episode 7 will be made by another director. Lucas is going to sell the rights to someone else either his friend spielberg, James Cameron or Peter Jackson. (petiton)

  226. I am sure that all of you think a petition may be enough to convince Georges Lucas to film the three last episode. So I wrote a 100 pages book as a big petition ( ) because people are likely to consider that it is a better way to discuss with him. I invite you to read it. I sent it to Lucas Art offices and we can hope that Georges Lucas may one day have notice of the reasons of our request.
    May the force be with us.

  227. Hello. BlogMom here. It’s great to see discussion and debate on the merits of rumors, legends, and what may be fact. However, please keep your comments civil and PG-13. No personal attacks as well. Finally, I’ve noticed a few links to commercial sites and will be removing at least a few of those.

    Please heed this reminder or I will have to close comments on this thread. Thank you.

    btw, my own personal opinion is that Lucas has no intention of ever directing or producing a star wars film for the big screen again. His intentions are subject to change, as we all know. Will he license out the franchise? I doubt that too. He’s made too much money by keeping all the rights. The big question is, I think, will we ever see the Star Wars Christmas special released on DVD?

  228. Yeah I guess Supershadow is to blame but I think the world needs Episodes VII,VIII,IX and/or maybe Episodes X,XI,XII just like how we need John Kerry more then ever. Oh dear god I hope he runs again for President.

  229. I agree. I would love for Lucas to make a sequel trilogy!!! but really, what are the chances. I think we all should brace ourselves for the cold hard facts, and that (regretibly) could mean no more StarWars movies.

    Cory, I know it’s hard to accept, but I don’t quite think SuperShadow’s the real deal.

    again thats mine and maybe a few others opinion.


  230. Supershadow is not only fake, but shame on him for taking advantage of young readers.

    Star Wars (movies) are OVER FOR GOOD! Enjoy the TV show, deal with it!

  231. Just you wait and see and by 2014 when you start hearing information for preproduction for Episode VII on Mark my words you will see and I will be right.

  232. Ok guys I’ll make you a bet. If by 2014 you hear information on Episode 7,8,9 for a May 2020 release beginning with Episode VII then you have to praise me a say I was write all along. If I lose and nothing happens you can call me any name in the english dictonary. Thats a bet I’ll take. I’m now shutting up on the Sequel Trilogy and Supershadow. Its a deal

  233. I’m starting to think Jag-X (according to some of his earlier posts) and Mike have the right Idea… I’m outta here.

    and Cory in 8 or 9 years if we are all evenstill interested in StarWars, will see I will probably be somewher else and their will be something new…

  234. Sorry, I’m gone too… I think the DarkSide has won you over… You are a fallen Jedi, a Sith, a Dark Jedi. You are a disgrace to the NEW JEDI ORDER. You have joined this Sith heresy you are now Darth Cory…

    But as I go riding off into the dual sunset (of Tatooine) I feel there just might be hope for you yet, there is still good in you turn away from the DarkSide. It is apperent to me now that I nor Mike nor Johny 45 and others could save you from SuperShadows lies of power and wealth and a fictional 3rd trilogy…

    I’m sorry I failed you young Cory.

    turn away.

    and as for the rest of you


  235. I think Cory must be pulling our legs. It’s impossible to think that anyone could go to Mickie Suttle’s fantasy site and believe it.
    I caught onto it my first visit there, as im sure others did. In fact, I sent the guy numerous messages to write me back or to post a message or 2 and nothing shows on his site, good legitimate starwars stuff that never appeared there. Unless of course, Cory
    is Supershadow, hiding in the shadows, like Sidious. (LOL)

  236. Guys this might sound weird and imposible but I keep having Star Wars: Episode 7,8,9 dreams every night. In one of my dreams lucas mentions the Sequel Trilogy to some old man saying I’m lying to my fans so they belive I’m done with Star Wars when I surprise them in 15 years with another Star Wars Episode. I sware guys I’m not making this up cause I despretly want the Sequels(which I do) but thats what happend in one dream.

  237. Mr.Cory (I’m assuming your a dude) I don’t think you have all your monkey’s in an order.(course thats just mine, AND EVERYBODY ELSE’S OPINION) but hey whatever floats your boat, darth boone? what? is he one of SuperShadow’s characters or whats the deal?

  238. Stormtrooper. No of course not. Darth Boone is a new Sith lord that I thought of maybe that would be good for a Star Wars tv show set 1000 years before Episode I-The Phantom Menace.Darth Boone is my creation but would possibly never work because techniqly I’m not licensed by Lucasfilm or ILM to use my creation. All Star Wars characters and creatures are a property of Lucasfilm and ILM hence trademark and logo. He is Darth Maul’s cousin but is a different species from Darth Maul. Picture a Sith lord that is wearing the same clothes as Darth Maul but has green colored skin like the wicked witch of the west from Wizard of Oz, He has a Zorro hat, and you know jaws from the 007 james bond movies? yeah he has a metal mouth like just like jaws. He wears a metal vest with spikes across his chest. He has 2 holdsters on his hips and carries 2 lethal lightsabers and he seeks revenge for the death of his cousin Darth Maul. This would be good for a Star Wars show set inbetween the 10 years from Episode I-The Phantom Menace leading up to Episode II-Attack of the Clones. Obi-Wan kills Darth Boone in the 10 years Obi-Wan trains Anakin. So Darth Boone fails to avenge his cousin but his vengence lives on and is display in Episode III-Revenge of the Sith. After Darth Boone is killed thats when Darth Sideous takes on his next apprentice Darth Tyrannus(Count Dooku). So that is Darth Boone my creation.

  239. I am the acting Jedi commander of the New Republic Military at your service. You can call me “Commander Star” or “Jedi Star” or even “Battle Trooper”, I am also the leading Jedi of the New Republic Battle Trooper Squad Alpha.

    Um I think the whole deal with Darth Maul getting revenge on Jedi Kenobi is about already done because if you go on the “official” StarWars website and look for the books or comics (I don’t remember which) you will see that they are about to release a book or comic telling about Kenobi’s reunion with Darth maul on Tatooine after Episode III, and whats really cool is that Darth Maul from the waist down is all robot!!! The cover looked realy cool!!!

    before I go, SUPERSHADOW IS NOT REAL!!!

    for some of you who may beleive in him…

  240. Yes I know Darth Maul had his Revenge why do you think Episode III is titled “REVENGE OF THE SITH?” But I was talking about a Sith lord idea that I came up with. I’m talking about Darth Boone his cousin and a new sith lord idea that would be for a tv set inbetween the 10 years of Episode I-The Phantom Menace and Episode II-Attack of the Clones. Like maybe 5 years after The Phantom Menace but 5 years before Episode Attack of the Clones. Yes I know already that Supershadow is REAL!!!! DU!

  241. Say Cory, heres an idea for you: At there is a fan fiction section.
    Why dont you write your Darth Boone story and post it there, alot of people will read it, rate it and give you feedback. And maybe while you are there you can read some of the other stuff other fans have submitted, theres some good stuff there. Also once again
    check out “Journal of the whills”, its required reading if your a real hardcore fan,
    e-mail me if you need more info on that. BTW, the Supershadow ribbing is gonna happen, get used to it!

  242. Here ya go Cory: Go to, note the “Z” instead of an “s”, then go to the Starkiller:The Jedi Bendu script site. There you will find all the answers you seek.

  243. starwarz… um is that even as good as the original, and do you know that it is an act of congress to get a fan fiction thingy posted..

  244. Its all true about the STAR WARS: SEQUEL TRILOGY. STAR WARS Episodes VII,VIII,IX already have titles.


    All this is true according to George Lucas himself.

  245. I don’t know what Battle Trooper is talking about but I do know that is as he put it “an act of congress” to put any fan fiction on

  246. I didn’t write that post after I said,”Thanks I will check it out” post. Someone must of wrote that post about the sequel trilogy and impersonating me. I sware I’m tired of all this Sequel Trilogy talk. If it happens it happens I’m just going to wait out untill 2014 and if it nothing happens then I’m convinced its over.

  247. Um my last post was deleted or something because I posted after Johny45 and before Cory and I was saying that supershadow isn’t real (which is the truth) and cory if that post wasn’t yours than why are the E-mail addresses the same?

    I’m not being mean I am just curious, You don’t have to answer if you don’t want too.
    After all we are still Starwars fans and we shouldn’t turn on each other (except maybe SuperShadow)


  248. Jag-X its very strange but the message was written on Sept. 30, 2005 at 11:59 AM. I was actually still at college in my class when that message was written. Jag-X believe me that message I didn’t write. I’m through talking about the Sequel Trilogy. Like I said if it happens it happens and if not then its over. I just want to get on with my life. There is more important things in life then Star Wars. I am looking foward to the 2 Star Wars tv shows but I’m really done with talk of Episodes VII-IX and supershadow. Thanks

  249. SUPERSHADOW HIRED BY LUCASFILM! Read em and weep boyz

    Perks and Benefits associated with SuperShadow’s Employment with Lucasfilm
    George Lucas has hired SuperShadow as a high-paid consultant regarding future projects of Star Wars and Indiana Jones. SS will be involved in writing the scripts and help creating the films all the way through the film making process. The employment contract is ten years in duration with an option by Lucasfilm to extend the employment contract another ten years if so needed.

    Monthly Salary: $ 43,577 per month; Annual Total: $ 522,924

    Automobile Provided by Lucasfilm: 2006 Lincoln Navigator (Valued at $ 54,380)

    Vacation Time: 8 weeks paid vacation

    Housing Arrangement: Lucasfilm rents a home for SuperShadow at $ 1,200 per month. All utilities, power and water bills to be paid by Lucasfilm.

    Health Insurance: Full Coverage With All Expenses Paid By Lucasfilm

    Food Vouchers: Unlimited access to all Lucasfilm restaurants at no charge. All meals are paid for by Lucasfilm.

    Secretarial Support: Lucasfilm is to provide one secretary and one personal assistant for SuperShadow.

    Yacht and Corporate Jet Access: Free use of the Yacht and Jet owned by Lucasfilm when the Yacht and Jet are not being used for official business.

    Gym Privileges: Lucasfilm will pay all gym dues for the workout facility of SuperShadow’s choosing.

  250. Do you seriesuosly beleive all this stuff?
    No one, not even the most popular movie stars get that kinda treatment. HE’S A LYING CABINET MAKER NOT THE PRESIDENT!!! Please tell me you don’t actually beleive this. I bet George Lucas doesn’t even know him. I also don’t think Lucas would give that much treatement to his own children!!
    Next SuperShadow will be saying he is the long lost son of George Lucas (I wouldn’t put it past him)Haven’t you heard they have so much proof that SuperShadow isn’t who he says he is that SS wouldn’t be able to fool a 2 year old. I hate to point it out but I think that you got faulty information.

  251. Ah hah!!!!! David is Superstupid! oops I mean Supershadow!!!!!
    It would also appear that there is a repeat of a thread that cory made when cory was brainwashed by Suttle, so cory is still innocent, the dark side is gone. Btw, Check out supershadow on the myfriends site, it only gets funnier by the day. He’s a close friend of Lucas, but then he says its a dream he has to meet him. After he reads this im sure he will change it so move fast!

  252. Guys Mickey Suttle can do what ever likes it will be a matter of time before Lucasfilm and GL shuts supershaodows website permenatly. I’m just want to look foward to meeting a nice girl on right one),college, video games, getting my Nintendo DS for Christmas. When GL releases the boxset of all 6 Star Wars movies I will get the boxset. I looking foward to Star Wars: Dark Times(working title) and the animated Star Wars tv shows. I just wanted to put all the talk on the Sequel Trilogy behind me and if it happens it happens. I will hold the Episodes VII,VIII,IX in my heart untill the day I die. Thats all I can really do.

  253. Cory, I was wrong forgive me. So a darklord of the Sith(no doubt a follower of the SuperShadow heresy) possed to be you and ruined your good Jedi identity. I am sorry that I didn’t beleive you. I am sure the rest of the Jedi counsel apologizes for their misgivings. (the darkside has clouded our judgement in these days) So excepted back into the rank of Jedi Knight you are. Clouding our judgement the darkside was.

    Jedi Cory… May the Force Be With YOU!

    (unless of course this is a plot of SuperShadow)

  254. Besides I personally think if the Star Wars tv show ratings are high and cashing in GL and Lucasfilm employees will sit down one day at a corporate meeting and discuss the future of Star Wars and someone will really nudge lucas really hard headed to get VII,VIII,IX out of him and made. Any way I looking forward to 2006 when Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are released for the Nintendo DS.

  255. Besides I personally think if the Star Wars tv show ratings are high and cashing in GL and Lucasfilm employees will sit down one day at a corporate meeting and discuss the future of Star Wars and someone will really nudge lucas really hard headed to get VII,VIII,IX out of him and made. Any way I looking forward to 2006 when Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are released for the Nintendo DS.

  256. Besides I personally think if the Star Wars tv show ratings are high and cashing in GL and Lucasfilm employees will sit down one day at a corporate meeting and discuss the future of Star Wars and someone will really nudge lucas really hard headed to get VII,VIII,IX out of him and made. Any way I looking forward to 2006 when Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are released for the Nintendo DS.

  257. George Lucas my master please continue with your star wars series because it is my world I beg you to make Episode 7 8 9
    Because it give me power and enthusiasm

  258. Get up off the floor, you are embarresing yourself by graveling to George Lucas Who isn’t even here. The Great one gets angry at pitiful sights of graveling people begging for him to continue. StarWars fans ask, we don’t beg (unless it would actually change his mind then throw yourelves to the floor and beg!) But come on gentle men (and ladies)there is more to life than StarWars. Liking tearing down the evil Raining lord of the sith lyer Darth SuperShadow! He can’t wrap StarWars fans around his fingers like he was emperror palpetine. Think Free StarWars Fans, Think Free!

  259. I have learned that once supershadow leads your towards his dark path of falsefication and blindness of the truth forever will your destiny be dominated by the dark side thats why if 7,8,9 happen it will be by Mr. Lucas’s ingenious work not by the work of a wanna be Star Wars film maker who makes kitchen cabinates for a living in Hikory NC. Let us enjoy Star Wars as it is not tampered by deception.

  260. David, it should be a concern that you would believe anything that Superstupid has to say.
    Its also would appear to be a possibility that you are Supershadow. Its a known fact that he belongs to many boards such as this. If in fact you are a friend of supershadow, than invite him here to explain to us all that he is not a hopeless loser and that in his spare time not making cabinets as he states on the myspace site-( that he has all the time in the world to make a movie.

  261. Hahahaha I did ask him that your wrong and he says you are just jealous and you are the lkoser who cant get posted on his site! that is what he saidf not me

  262. You can’t be serious… David do you sit at home in a corner and think this stuff up or what? Wow everybody!! SuperShadow has actually directed a comment to us, I feel so special!(sarcasm) I’m starting to think there are a few people running around claiming to be SuperShadow and not just one person. SuperShadow is a lyer, everyone can telll you that. I haven’t seen anything about him on anything that has to do with George Lucas, Have you noticed that all the Information about him comes from either him or his (oh goodness) fans. But Lucas nor the big guys haven’t even said a word about him. All the info comes from him and his fans. doesn’t that make you even the tinyest bit suspiciuos…

    Super Sgadow isn’t real-get over it.

  263. Yep, I can see it now in the headlines- “Young Cabinetmaker discovered by George Lucas is ghost writer for Starwars movies”
    HA HA HA!!!!Then I will believe!!!!! And then Godzilla will appear, die, turn to oil and the gas prices will fall for 100 years!
    Oh yeah, David tell Supertard Zoomlord send his regards since he dosent have the nads to contact me direct.

  264. Here is my evidence that Suttle is a little liar: On his site he says there is no existing footage of General Greivous Killing Jedi Shaak-Ti. Well im here to tell you there is. All one has to do is E-mail me and I will be happy to send a still to you just to show that he has no connection to Lucasfilm. The footage by the way will be included on the DVD.

  265. I noticed that myself Zoomlord! I saw that posting but I had already seen pics of Grievous killing her in a magazine. So I knew that not only was he a liar (obvious) but that he didn’t even really know all that much about Star Wars. I’ve seen him make that mistake a lot, answering questions wrong when all he had to do was look in a magazine.

  266. hey guys whats up I’ve been busy with college so I havn’t had the time to talk. Hay can I ask you guys I question? Jag-X or david maybe you might know. When GL released Episode IV,V,VI on dvd in november last year, the bonus dvd that came in the boxset, during the commentary didn’t GL or Rick Mccallum at all mention 9 Star Wars movies? Cause another Star Wars fan mention somethine like that? Thanks May the Force be with you.

  267. Want to here something messed up? I tought my 6 year old brother the whole Star Wars saga and he recites them. I say STAR WARS then I say the the Episode number and the title.

    He says WARS
    He says A NEW HOPE
    He finally says VICTORY OF THE FORCE

  268. Super Shadow will you give me an Icecream?
    No but he will give you a cabinet (at probably rediculuos priceses) Super Shadow is going to do 7 8 9 (George Lucas just doesn’t remember that he asked Super Shadow to continue making one of the largest franchise movie series in the world thats all) Who knows maybe Super Shadow shuck into George Lucas’s Bedroom (breaking and entering) and gave him the ideas of how to make his previous movies. Didn’t it turn out that he was wrong on like all the detail on the then not releassed episode 1. Super Shadow is a fake, a con, a lier, must I go on? Every time Super Shadow says something he ends up bringing up more proof that he is a lier. He can’t even keep his stories straight. We will wait and see if Super Shadow is who he says he is. While the SS sit at home in their starwars Pajama’s, the rest of us who know SS is a fake will go out and make a life for ourselves.

    May the Force be with You!
    (except SuperShadow and his fans)

  269. Hold up, first off for the first Corys Question; I did watch the Bonus dvd that came with the DVD set of the origianl trilogy (awesome) and no I can almost assure you there was nothing about 9 episodes.

    I could be wrong but again I am pretty sure that there was nothing in them about 9 episodes.

    Second off the second Cory comment
    I don’t know if this is Cory or the “other Cory” (and I really don’t care) haven’t you heard Super Shadow is not real. and I am starting to think those names of the so called “7 8 9” are staring to look stupider everytime I see them. Episode VII The Fallen Hero, Episode VIII The Republic In Crisis, and Episode IX Victory Of The Force… Those are stupid names and I think they lack that special StarWars touch, Quit absessing over them too, thats just freaky.
    Every time anyone says those names they make a sequel trilogry sound so unapealling. I don’t even want it done if it is going to have those names

    May the Force be with You!

  270. Hey Jag-x no this is the orginal cory. The one turned from the lightside of the force. I happen to think THE FALLEN HERO and VICTORY OF THE FORCE are good names but I don’t know about the THE REPUBLIC IN CRISIS thats sounds silly. Any way how was your day? good? Have good night then. bye

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