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Hurricane Ivan visits Disney World?

It’s hard to predict with much certainty where a hurricane will hit more than a few hours in advance. But forecasters have gotten pretty good a projecting the possible path upto five days out. If you anywhere near this path that means it’s time to prepare.

This is something Floridians know all too well this year. This graph from the National Hurricane Center shows that all of Florida should be preparing for Hurricane Ivan. With substained winds of 160 MPH at its core, Ivan is now a class 4 hurricane. It’s a big one too and its path puts it passing right near Disney World.

So it’s time to batten down the hatches again. Make plans to get out of the hurricane’s path if you’re near the coast and stock up on emergency supplies. If you’re not in the projected path you can help those who are by donating to the Red Cross Distaster Relief Fund. A Series of distasters is always hard on their budget. Also consider donating blood at your local Red Cross chapter.