Big Thunder Reopens

The LATimes has more on the Cal-OSHA report and Big Thunder’s returning to operation. I’m interested to know if you would ride Big Thunder on your next visit to Disneyland? Let me know in the comments section.

5 thoughts on “Big Thunder Reopens”

  1. Yes, I would definately ride the BTM again. But I probably wouldn’t take my 3 year old on it (even if he DID want to ride it). So I would be cautious, but not paranoid. And I’d continue to request to ride in the back, as not only is that the best place to ride it, but now it seems to be the safest, too.

    Bottom line is, anything bad can happen at anytime. What’re you gonna do?

  2. Well, given that I’ve already ridden it twice since they’ve reopened it, I guess I would have to say my answer is “yes.”

    I would assume that they are (or already have) taken care of the software problem that permitted the most recent accident.

    Also, perhaps I’m just dazzled by all the shiny new paint, but it seems to me that park looks better maintained than it has in years. Part of me expects that the same attention to detail is being paid to ride maintenance (though Star Tours still looks pretty rough right now).

  3. I was at the park this past Saturday when it reopened and rode it. Maybe I trust Disney too much, but I can’t imagine they would take any chances at this point.

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