Beanie Babies or Bust!

If you were a collector of things Disney in the late 1990s then you could not have missed the Beanie Baby craze. If you collected them at all, there is a good chance you still have shopping bags full of them in your storage space (guilty as charged!). The LA Times has a great article on how the Beanie Baby craze oddly mirrored the Dot-com boom and bust.

Now and then, Marks still sees customers who once believed that Beanie Babies would pay for their kids’ college educations. When they ask him what to do with their collections, he offers this advice: “They make great insulation if you stick them in the walls.”

Although this article concentrates on the Ty Beanie Babies, Disney has their own line of creatures (called mini bean bag plush to avoid the Ty lawyers) that were collected just as feverishly. I only dabbled in the craze, but still have about 50 of these stuffed creatures waiting in my storage space for the craze to start again. It will won’t it?
(via Kottke Merci! )