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I’ve got 4 Gmail Invites to give away. Post your favorite Disney Themepark and explain why in the comments below and I’ll send out Gmail invites to the best. (Best being purely subjective with me as the final and sole judge, of course.)

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  1. My favorite Disney Themepark is MGM. I love the movies. I love behind the scenes. It’s really fun to see the Disney Magic and it puts me in a creative Hollywood mode. I get high off that stuff. I’ve only been to Disney twice, when I was 12 and 15 years old (I’m 23 now). The second time I was there, my sister and I were picked to reinact the “Harbor Attack” scene on the Backlot tour. I was a bit embarrassed at first, but it was a blast. I felt like I was a part of it all, and Disney really helps you do that at MGM. The Tower of Terror is also really awesome. I really like how they reconstructed the hotel and antiquated it. I can’t wait to go back to see all the new additions since I was there last.

    And boy would I love a GMail account.

  2. My favorite park is Epcot. It just has a feeling that mankind can overcome its shortcomings and live in peace and harmony. The World Showcase is a great example of this. Mulitple cultures living and working with each other to form one cohesive culture. That of peace.

    Future world has always captured my imagination and invited me to look toward new and brighter things. “If we can dream it, we can do it” should be the motto of all persons on this earth.

  3. While I’d choose EPCOT or MK to take my children to today (actually my daughter was, um, a Disneyworld creation if you get my drift), my favorite will always be Disneyland.

    My parents met there in 1955 while my mother was working in “The Carnation Breakfast Bar” (where she would often serve Walt himself his breakfast before the park openned.) My grandparents lived only a few blocks away.

    As a child I remember walking the few blocks past rows and rows of orange groves and a few ver 50’s looking motels. I remember watching the nightly fireworks from my grandparent’s front yard and couldn’t understand why they didn’t think it was just the greatest thing in the world.

    Rides I remember from then include a large cage with a man wearing a rocket pack, the bare scaffolding inside the Matterhorn, and the Indians on real horses attacking the train in the back lot area.

    I love your site. GMail would be great too!

    [email protected]

  4. I would have to say the Magic Kingdom is my favorite theme park. From the moment you enter the gate and here the music till you walk past the bakery and smell the cookies. than look up and see the castle and relize your in a whole different world. To walk around and see all the kids and adults having so much fun and not worrying about anything. The rides are great but here are a few things that make the Magic Kingdom so special: The Marching Band, a HotDog at Casey’s Corner, Choc. Chip and Ice Cream Sandwich in Liberty Square, The Steam Train Horn, Jungle Cruise, The quiet area behind the Camera Shop, The spitting totem poles in Adventure Land, The shotting arcade in Liberty Square, and the walk way along Liberty Square Riverboat are just a few things I like. To me it’s the heart of Walt Disney World, everything else feeds off it. Oh ya two more things Crystal Place, and Wishes. My vacation startes when I see the Castle.


  5. I would say that the Epcot is my favorite park by far. It is a park that has such a short history but such a bright future. I have watched it change since its opening and have always been in aww with it. It is really 2 parks for the price of one. Future World is like going to a Worlds Fair with its different pavilions to choose from and spend time in. The architecture and strutural engineering a marvelous to just sit a gaze at. Then there is the World showcase which gives you a chance to visit and sample some of the diverse cultures around the world in one place. The thing that really draws me to the park is the lighting. Once the sun goes down, Epcot just comes alive to me. All culminating in one of the best fireworks and light shows I’ve ever seen. Magic Kingdom is still a great park, but on my last vacation, the majority of my time was spent in Epcot and I could have stayed longer.

  6. My absolute favorite WDW park would have to be the Magic Kingdom. The magic of the park gets me everytime I enter through its gates. The MK is a true example of the wonder that Walt Disney wanted the world to experience. The planning that went into the park, the magic of the mysterious behind the scenes… its what the disney experience is really about.

    I have been lucky enough to work in the MK as part of the WDW College Program, and the amazing adventure follows me as one of the best experiences of my life. And even after working there for over a year, the magic of the kingdom still makes it my favorite park.

  7. By far, the Disney magic comes alive for me as I approach the Magic Kingdom.

    To me, all other Disney parks are fantastic and marvelous beyond compare….however…with the way things are in the world (and my life) there is nothing more wonderful than getting the chance to relive one’s youth and revisit old memories and friends in the Florida version of Disneyland. Living in New Orleans, it’s much closer to get to than it’s California predecessor but for me, it is truly the only place on eath I would rather be.

    Approaching the park, my heart begins to race as I spot the monorail track and if I do see one of these beautiful enitities travelling along it’s route, I actually beocome a child again, instantly. As I enter the park, all pressures of the modern world are off my shoulders and I am one happy guest, racing about to my favorite attractions and spots. There’s so many things that I simply must do, but I always head to the Haunted Mansion, followed by Pirates of the Carribean. After enjoying these two major attractions, I’m good to go to…where else…Peter Pan’s Flight. There’s something truly joyous about riding the Galleon out over the sprawling city of London that sends the heart soaring…literally! And there’s always new friends and memories to be had in this most magical land!

    Enjoying the Cast Members everywhere throughout the park is also an incredible experience. They seem to be more in tune with the love of Walt’s vision and I always make sure to have a smile and a warm thank you for any of them I have the pleasure to encounter. I always follow my heart around the rest of the park content that I have visited with the first loves of mine there, and make sure to visit all the rest including the shoppes and stores. Always on the lookout for new and wonderful trinkets, pins and other Disney memorabilia is always a pleasure in the Magic Kingdom, and they always help maintain the joy long after sadly departing for home.

    But there is nothing more totally Disney to
    me than to stand on Main Street and behold the castle from the area of the famous Partners statue. And yes, on some visits I have actually teared up and had to wipe my eyes at the sight. Truly, it brings a glow to the heart that is hard to suppress or control, so I don’t and go with the emotions. After all, it’s our emotions that are completely on vacation while we are down there and the Magic Kingdom is indeed the place for such a feeling to overtake one. Both of these images, the castle and the Partners statue, are icons not just for the park, but for the heart of everyone young enough inside to embrace the vision that Walt had, not just for this park…but for the world. I think the name is very apt. Walt Disney World. What a wonderful place…and what a beautiful park. An experience I look forward to enjoying and sharing with others again, and again, and again…

    Thank you so much for allowing me to remember and share my feelings for this most wonderful park. I think I’m in need of a trip there again very soon!

  8. Well I will have to be different here and say Disneyland. Of course I am also partial because I grew up there and always had annual passes and I am also a former cast member. But there is so much history there. I love the better drops on Pirates of the Caribbean and how on that ride and haunted mansion you have to go underground to get under the train tracks because of the limited space that they have. Everything about the park is small and intimate. Even with the problems they have recently had (Thunder Mountain – one of the rides I used to work on) they seem to get past it because the magic of Disneyland will not be squashed!

  9. Disney World, I was there on my honeymoon in 1976 and am planning right now for our 2nd trip to DW next august with my wife and three children. Gmail would help me with all my messages. Thank you.

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