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Charley’s Florida Trip

People have been wondering what Disney will do if Hurricane Charley comes ashore and Orlando is in its path. If Charley strays below a catagory 1 Hurricane as it passes the Orlando area look for Disney to batten down the hatches, but not to close the gates. Any outside attraction or tented show will likely be closed. ODV carts will be shuttered or not brought out at all. Etc…

Disney will probably also increase the in hotel entertainment with bussed in visits from Disney characters to the lobby areas. This has worked in the past to offset the closure or limiting of themepark hours.

If the wind forces stay above 74 MPH look for the theme parks to stay shuttered until the storm passes by and safety tests can be done. Water parks are likely to be closed eitherway.

That said, no official word has been announced that I could find. But DisneyWorld did close for Hurricane Floyd. So it has a history of closures. Of course, Floyd was a catagory 3. Much more powerful. Either way my thoughts and best wishes go out to those in the path of danger.