A Mickey Mouse Hair Cut

My incredible son is a few weeks from turning 1 year old. He’s so smart and so beautiful, I can’t wait to celebrate his birthday with a happy birthday song at the Main Street Ragtime Piano at Disneyland. After that his next big event will be his first independant steps. Not likely to happen at a Disney themepark, I know. But his first hair cut can be performed at a Disney Park.

Most people don’t know it, but Disney World’s Magic Kingdom has an operating Barber Shop right on Town Square, Main Street U.S.A.. From the great decor to the harmonizing barber shop quartet everyone will have a great time, and you’ll get a great hair cut too (perhaps with a little pixie dust thrown in). Of course, you could get your hair cut at any of the great salons at the deluxe hotels, but why would you when you could get it done at the most magical place on earth?

(Started by a Mouse visits the barber shop and gets some extra pixie dust)
(Mickey News Story on the Harmony Barber Shop)