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James Bond’s Fine Singing Voice

With a library of films like The Walt Disney Company has the challenge has to be where you apply the resources first. It takes a lot of time and effort to clean up old prints of films, soundtracks, special footage, and add in interviews and background material where possible. But when they’re done, Disney has a reputation for releasing some of the best DVDs to market.

Darby O’Gill and the Little People, yes the film with the singing Sean Connery, has risen to the top of Disney’s list and The Ultimate Guide to Disney DVD’s Website has a great review.

3 thoughts on “James Bond’s Fine Singing Voice”

  1. Darby O’Gill and the Little People (1959)
    Directed by Robert Stevenson

    Summary: Here’s to Darby O’Gill

    I do not know how much I would like this movie if I saw it today for the first time. But, since I grew up on this movie, I have no choice but to absolutely love it. We had this videocassette in our closet for years, it didn’t have a cover on it, but it didn’t need one. Wow, how I grew up on those colorful special effects. Those leprechauns riding small white horses around an old Irish man playing the fiddle. The horse turning silvery when enchanted by the leprechauns. The Banshee. Oh, that Banshee. You’ve never seen a scarier Banshee on film and you never will. A fantastic movie. A young Sean Connery is in it, and that old woman with that scary voice is fantastic. And Darby O’Gill…ahh.. one of the best family films and fantasy movies out there. ANd don’t forget the scary, black creativity of the Death Cab.

    Here’s to Darby O’Gill. Clink

    My grade: 9/10

  2. Darby O’Gill

    Link: The Disney Blog: James Bond’s Fine Singing Voice. My dad likes this movie (not sure why) so I’ve seen it before. I don’t however, remember that Sean Connery was in the movie. Granted I haven’t seen it in million

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