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Quicktime VR of Indy

This bloke who works at Disneyland used to maintain his blog. He hasn’t posted since February when he got signed off on Jungle Cruise. However, he did make and post this very cool quicktime VR of the Indiana Jones Loading area.

Here’s a story from my past. I applied to work for WDI about 7 years ago. They were going through one of their layoff phases, but with my family connection I was given an interview. Alas, just being Disney obsessed does not get you a job in Glendale and my other talents weren’t quite upto snuff at the time. During the interview process I was introduced to the team whose job it was to make quicktime VRs of all attractions for documentary purposes. They hadn’t even bought the equipment yet, but they had a budget. Of course, the first thing I mentioned was how cool it would be as a fan to own a quicktime VR version DVD of the parks. These could be later turned into Quake type games (with a family friendly Disney Twist, of course), tour guide training manuals, etc.

The project went on without me, and a few of these quicktime VRs made it onto the Pirates of the Carribean Limited Edition CD that Disneyland put out. But I still wonder why we haven’t seen a DVD with the rest of them.