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Buck-in-Ear Training Camp

I’ve been searching for the perfect post to start this off this Monday. And boy did I find a doozy. (In a good way, I promise.) I’ve linked to Barb’s Celebration Blog before always entertained by her great writing style and funny stories. Well Barb spins a yarn so funny, and yet so touching at the same time, that you really must read it.

We didn’t cause too many eyes to bat, although we did have one man come up to us with dollar bills stuck in his ears. He said, “What am I?” and we all looked on in puzzlement (my husband guess, “A Democrat?” “Nope,” he proudly announced, “A Buck-in-ear!”

It’s the beginning of August and the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in training camp at Walt Disney’s Wide World of Sports. They all stay at the Celebration Hotel which causes some interesting chance meetings. Such as this time when the ‘Bunny Brigade‘ meets some Bucs players at a local bar.