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Another great marketing move

Part of being a mega media corporation is protecting your image and the artistic integrity of your films. However, it is when stuff like this story hits the media that the most damage is done.

Sure, Disney wants to make sure that the quality is maintained across the board when it comes to showing their films. But this is a different case and an exception should be made. People who bring their kids to this movie (that is on DVD already, so talk about having the quality control issue being out of Disney’s hands) aren’t expecting a quality theatre experience. They just want to have some quality time with the kids while watching a movie with a positive message and a certain level of entertainment.

As for Williams, the decision may have cost the company a loyal customer. “In the future, I’ll probably think twice before ordering another Disney movie,” she said.

Someone from Disney had better get on the horn and do a little damage control here. Allow the show to go on and send a bunch of Nemo popcorn buckets or something. Turn this into an opportunity for good press.

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