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Open Letter to Disney Cast Members…

The well intentioned folks at have posted an open letter to Disney Cast Members.

It hasn’t been a “Spoonful of Sugar” for our Cast Members at the Walt Disney Company. Animators and Imagineers have been laid off. Cast Members at the Disney Stores have also lost jobs as outlets were sold out. Cast Members at the Theme Parks have had to bear the brunt of public displeasure regarding cleanliness of the grounds, maintenance of the attractions and now… accidents!

What’s next for the Disney Company? Something is in the air, says Roy.

5 thoughts on “Open Letter to Disney Cast Members…”

  1. I went to walt disney world on the 11th of june til 3rd july and the park could of not been better and i heard of no complaints while i was there. Althought i went on mission space on the sunday and the following day a 4 year old boy dies on it, that put us off from going back on it, but apart from that disney really is the happiest place on earth.

  2. I just got back from disney world on the 10th of april and it was beautiful, i never heard any complaints and the park made me want to be there all the time. They were the cleanest parks and resorts that I have ever been to and things are going well as far as I can see. I never even heard about the little boy on mission space, that is very sad and it is horrible that that happened, but the parks are still beautiful and disney is doing a wonderful job.

  3. I work at WDW and I’ll tell you that the good things you experienced were not created by the company but by the dreams that still live in the hearts of the Walt Cast devotees. When I went to work there we believed in Walts Dream, not Michaels, not Bobs, there dreams are unrealistic, I just want to put more money in my pocket dream. Unfortunately we as the Cast suffer, our hearts and souls believe in the magical world Walt wanted to continue, and our wallets say is it worth the lousy pay. We went from being the highest paid entertainment park in the world to the lowest in the last 5 years.GREED!!!! From the higher ups puts the real workers at poverty level. But no matter how bad the company treats us what we do we do for the children, we bring their imaginations to life and thats very important to me as a person. Theres nothing greater than the smile of a child!!!!

  4. I have just returned from WDW and have to say if that place was dirty then dirty is the new clean I also heard of no complaints whilst in the parks. In response to the Bil dreams once my stocks gain more ground and I stage a hostile take over of Disney corporation all will be set right well a guy can have ambitions for the good of the world can’t he :)

  5. Hello,
    We are living in the Netherlands. We want to gome to Orlando and stay there for good. I like to find a job in WDW and a housse to live for mine wife and 3 children. I believe in the Disney Magic.

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