Godless Disney?

You know. I was just thinking about this the other day. After reading the Walt Disney conspiracy theories contained in Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code (you have read it haven’t you?), it occurred to me that hardly any religious references make it into Disney films.

This guy who runs the About.com Atheism board noticed the same thing in his facetious way. Hate to point out one thing, however. The end of the original Fantasia has serious religious overtones. The scene itself could be interpreted pagan or christian depending on your beliefs. But the song is definitely christian.

2 thoughts on “Godless Disney?”

  1. i’m acutally tired of everyone taking this so seriously…..it’s a FICTION book…get over it people. Read it don’t read it, whatever. It is a work of the imagination.

  2. I’ve read in several publications over the years that Walt was not an overly religious man, leading some to believe he was an athiest or agnostic.
    Of course, I’ve also read he was in the Illuminati, fond of acid and had his body frozen. We know the last two are false, the Illuminati is intriguing, and I think the agnostic probable.
    One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that often, men of vision and creativity drift towards the fringes of organized religion, if not crossing them entirely. Of course that is not to imply they are not spiritual in nature, just not prone to following a flock dreaming of greener pastures.

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