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A Unionized Mouse

Two items on the union front today. First, and I don’t have a link for this yet, is news that Disneyland’s Security Department, which operates under a separate union from the hourly cast members, is picketing the park for unfair labor and negotiation tactics. They’re not on strike yet, but the picketing is a chance to let the world (and media) know that all is not well at the park. I’m not going to go as far as to say that the safety of the park’s guests is at risk, but as a guest, I would rather have a security force that has years of themepark experience than a bunch of rent-a-cops subbing while the real team is on strike. So I hope this gets resolved.

Second, the Orlando Sentinel is reporting that the WDW Cast Member Union is voting on a new contract. From the tone of the piece it doesn’t look likely to pass. Any one have any insight into this?