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A Celebration Fourth

Celebration, known as the town the Disney built, is in its last phase of growth for the foreseeable future. Disney has begun the process of removing its name from the project and a resemblance of normal life has taken over the town that once held the promise of the city of the future. In fact, due to its proximity to the WDW Resort, Celebration has taken on a very touristy feel and many residents rent their homes or adjacent appartments to vacationeers. Barb is one such person.

She and her partner do like to visit WDW and they stay at their house in Celebration when they do. To track her time in the town, Barb started up this amazing blog. It’s amazing because of the light it shines on what life is like in the town, but it’s also worth reading for Barb’s writing style. One of the most well written blogs I’ve ever read.

In her latest two posts, Barb writes about her Independence Day weekend. Apparently the crowds were light

“We ended up riding that twice, plus doing Dinosaur, Tarzan Rocks, Triceratops Twist, and Primeval Whirl, all with no wait. Unbelievable! The crowd looked more like the off season rather than a prime summer holiday weekend. Oh well, I’m certainly not complaining.”

But Celebration was a mess

“Holiday celebrations like the Fourth are one of the times that I’m very happy to live in East Village. I’m sure there is a certain ambiance to living downtown, right in the thick of things, but you pay a steep price when thousands of tourists descend on the town.”

In any event. I have a couple friends who currently live in Celebration. I wonder if they know Barb.